Editor’s Note: Social Pots

While I know I should be waxing on about geting into the studio and making all the things we showcase in this issue, what I really want to say is grab all of your pots and use them. Make good food. Fill your dishes. Call your friends. Go outside. Enjoy the bounty of last winter’s studio making and reward yourself. Reward your pots. They were built for use, so use them.

As we were putting this issue together we got pretty excited about Joe Pintz’ recipe for agua fresca (pg. 46.) So, we shut off our computers and headed outside. I gathered ingredients, Forrest brought his blender, Jessica assembled a smorgasbord, and Joe sent his pitcher. Really, he did. We made Joe’s recipe, sat outside with our feet up, ate olives and dolmades, and enjoyed the summer air. We don’t do that a lot around here, get together with pots for the sake of using them. It’s silly that we don’t; between the three of us, the editors of PMI have a crazy amount of collected pots. Sure, certain things get used every day, but we each have pots that sit on shelves, void of their intention, just hoping a good recipe—or simply some warm weather—comes alongto make us dust them off, fill them up, and watch them go from collected objects to social motivators.

So, while studio time isn’t something you want to forgo all summer—let’s not get foolish now—a few hours spent passing pots around the table is also time well spent. And once you’re relaxed and the pots are safely returned indoors, check out this issue with Karen Newgard’s nature-inspired terra-sigillata carvings (pg. 18), Colleen McCall’s brightly glazed platters and baskets (pg. 22), Ann Van Hoey’s scissor-cut and folded forms (pg. 30), and Sumi Von Dassow’s honey pots (pg. 36).

We also have Deanna Ranlett upcycling glaze waste (pg. 8), Kate and Will Jacobson using colored clay for naked-raku (pg. 10), and Birdie Boone designing glaze palettes
(pg. 12). There’s plenty here to keep you busy in the studio, but I imagine you have a lot of pots to keep you outside too. Now, get out there and share your pots with the world.

– Holly Goring, Editor


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