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Altered Forms with Textured Surfaces with Bill Wilkey

Altering Surface & Form with Gay Smith

Assembly Required with Jake Allee




Ceramic Decals with Justin Rothshank

Clay Projects & Fundamentals with Neil Patterson

Colored Clay with Curtis Benzle

Creating Curves with Clay with Martha Grover

Creative Forming with Custom Texture with Amy Sanders

Creative Tile Making with Angelica Pozo


Darted & Decorated with Jennifer Allen

Design for the Soft Surface with Ben Carter

Designing for Function with Paul Donnelly


Erin Furimsky Studio Tour

Elevating the Handmade with Julia Galloway

Extreme Alterations with Martina Lantin


Figure Sculpting in Clay with Melisa Cadell

Figure to Function with Tara Wilson

Flat to Functional with Lisa Naples

Fluid Forms: Creating Movement and Expression on the Wheel with Josh DeWeese

Form, Pattern, & Underglaze with Meredith Host

Forming Finishing and Firing with Donovan Palmquist

Four Approaches to the Teapot with Lisa Naples, Donovan Palmquist, Julia Galloway, and Randy Johnston

From the Studio to the Kitchen with Didem Mert

Function & Adornment with Kate Maury

Fundamentals of Mold Making and Slipcasting with Guy Michael Davis

Fundamentals of Wheel Throwing with Jennifer Allen


Gestural Imagery and Form with Mel Griffin

Gesture & Form with Nick Joerling


Handbuilding Modular Forms with Scott Dooley

Handbuilding with Color & Texture with Lana Wilson

Handbuilt Forms with Soft Slabs with Liz Zlot Summerfield

Hybrid Pottery with Marty Fielding


In the Studio with Jan McKeachie-Johnston

In the Studio with Randy Johnston

Integrating Form and Surface with Lorna Meaden

Intermediate Throwing with Jennifer Allen






Layered Surfaces with Erin Furimsky

Layering Techniques for Sumptuous Surfaces with Colleen Riley

Layers of Color with Andrew Gilliatt

Lively Forms & Expressive Surfaces with Mark Peters

Low-Tech Clay – High-End Results with Kari Radasch


Majolica Decoration with Linda Arbuckle

Making & Decorating a Plate with Kip O’Krongly

Making a Pitcher with Simon Levin

Making a Slipped & Stamped Teacup with Paul Linhares

Making and Decorating a Plate with Doug Peltzman

Making and Decorating a Tea Set with Amelia Stamps

Making and Decorating with Lisa Orr

Mix & Match: Forming Techniques with Brenda Quinn

Mix & Match: Surface Techniques with Brenda Quinn

Molds & Mishima: Handbuilding & Decorating with Julie Wiggins


Narrative Animal Sculpture with Lisa Naples

New Directions in China Painting with Paul Lewing




Paddled, Stamped & Glazed with Paul Linhares

Part Sculpture – Part Function with Jerilyn Virden

Pencil & Process in Motion with Jared Zehmer

Pieces & Patterns with Deborah Schwartzkopf

Platters: Four Approaches to Making and Decorating Plates

Playing with Form & Decoration with S.C. Rolf – Part 1 Cups & Bowls

Playing with Form & Decoration with S.C. Rolf – Part 2 – Pouring and Lidded Vessels

Pouring Vessels with Suze Lindsay

Precise Imprecision with Mike Jabbur

Precision Throwing & Intricate Carving with Adam Field




Raku Firing with Marcia Selsor


Screen Printing on Clay with Paul Andrew Wandless

Sewing Clay with Lauren Karle

Sights & Ceramics: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sights & Ceramics: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Sights & Ceramics: Portland, Oregon

Simple Elegance with Birdie Boone

Simply Ornate: Handbuilding and Wheel Throwing with Press Molds

Sketch & Stretch with Chandra DeBuse

Slab & Coil Building with Gail Kendall

Slab Building with Handmade Texture with Sarah Pike

Slabs, Templates, Texture, & Terra Sigillata, with Jeremy Randall

Striking Serveware with Gwendolyn Yoppolo

Studio-Scale Architectural Ceramics with Stephani Stephenson


Talking Clay 1: Perspectives on a Passion – Simon Levin, Steve Rolf

Talking Clay 2: Perspectives on a Passion – Simon Levin, Steve Rolf

Talking Clay 3: Perspectives on a Passion – Simon Levin, Pete Pinnell, John Neely

Talking Clay 4: Perspectives on a Passion – Simon Levin, Julia Galloway

Talking Clay 5: Perspectives on a Passion – Simon Levin, Erin Furimsky, Tyler Lotz

Talking Clay 6: Perspectives on a Passion – Simon Levin with the CM and PMI Artists of the Year

Talking Clay 7 with Teens!

Teaching Clay in the Classroom with Jeni Hansen Gard – PART 1

Teaching Clay in the Classroom with Jeni Hansen Gard – PART 2

Teaching Clay in the Classroom with Jeni Hansen Gard – PART 3

Teaching Clay in the Classroom with Jeni Hansen Gard – PART 4

The Brush & The Wheel with Michael Kline

The Extruder Video with Daryl Baird

The Graphic Pot with Jason Bige Burnett

Throwing, Altering, & Glazing with Sarah Jaeger

Thrown, Altered, Sprigged & Sketched with Jen Mecca


Uncommon Impressions with Kyla Toomey

Understanding Glazes with John Britt

Unifying Form & Surface with Sean O’Connell


Variations on Volume & Line with Doug Peltzman

Volumetric Image Transfer with Forrest Lesch-Middelton


What If? With Sandi Pierantozzi

Work Flow: Throwing and Trimming off the Hump with Simon Levin