Wichman, Debi

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Debbie Wichman 23Feb10 Studio TTU Photo/JL

Debi Wichman

Debi Wichman Pottery
Cookeville, Tennessee

Email: debi@debiwichmanpottery.com

Website: wwww.debiwichmanpottery.com

Studio Description:
I am wholly in awe of God’s creation. Nature inspires boundless ideas, from the delicate, translucent cell structure of a new leaf to the flow of the horizon line in the distance. Whether walking in my back yard or hiking in the woods, I find myself gazing into diminutive worlds, enchanted by scanning the undergrowth and discovering what is hidden there. The intent of my art is to touch the viewer with the familiar, yet pique their interest with detail not always captured at first glance. My art is an extension of my relationship with the world.

Claywork, which includes pottery, hinged pots, and mosaics, is made of stoneware.  Pots begins with a wheel thrown vessel. Hand formed decoration is added and the pot is finished with food-safe commercial glazes.  Mosaics are handmade – and then assembled on backerboard just as tile would be, with the addition of wire for hanging the piece.

Art has always enhanced my life. I learned to love clay and pottery in a college ceramics course at UT in Knoxville in 1975. In 1995 I was given a handmade potter’s wheel and ceramics became a passionate hobby – and in 2005, I began to sell my claywork.

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