Trotz, Frank

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Frank Trotz

Frank Trotz Canadian Clay
Toronto, Ontario, Canada



Studio Description:
My work is all hand built, either pinch or slab, of mixed colored clays, using porcelain, stoneware and sculpting clay mixed together.. I use only one clear glaze.All of my work must be sanded because I work with the colors inside the clay.What interests me most is the movement of clay, its malleability, the colors and textures that become part of the clay, and the precious metals of the earth. The images in my work, the simple lines or the complex mixes,are the geography of Canada. They have come from my many travels across this country, looking down on the land from above. The land, the rock, the water, the highways, have always been a part of my work. I use metal additions of sliver, copper, gold leaf.



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