Kearns, Lauren

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Lauren Kearns
Kearns Porcelain
Loveland, Colorado



Studio Description:
My primary interest in creating is to create objects that are used daily life that bring us beauty and joy. I feel that creating objects from hand, in ways that have existed throughout time, is vital and necessary. In the everyday use of objects, and appreciation of art, one’s life is enriched. It serves as a reminder of a connection to history and a contribution in reminding people of the art of the hand-made. Ceramics connects us to history, and making objects connects me as an artist to cultures around the world, with a common language.

I have been continually fascinated by creating patterns over forms I create. I use the forms as a background for color and patterns over the beautiful white background that the porcelain provides. Porcelain provides a fluidity of movement and texture that is a continuous pleasure to work with. It is the everyday objects that we use that continually gives pleasure in their use, and the reminder of the artist. It is my intention to making different forms that are not necessarily functional, to explore this aspect of creation. I am continually expanding my ideas through working with the process and the testing of new materials.

I am currently working in porcelain, creating larger forms and exploring new imagery using underglazes. I am using the vessel form in a larger format, and a wide variety of colors. Nature is continually a source of imagery and forms.



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