Mentoring Program


Get connected with a mentor … or to become a mentor to someone else

Are you an intermediate to advanced ceramic artist? Are you looking to develop new skills or gain knowledge on a particular ceramic subject? Interested in developing a one-on-one mentoring relationship? We are pleased to offer to ICAN members this unique mentoring program.

Click here to meet our mentors and fill out our online form. The mentoring program is FREE to all current ICAN members.

Steps of the program:

  • After you submit your online form to be a mentor or mentee, we will send you an application to learn more about you.
  • For the mentor application, we will assess your skill set and add you to our pool of professional ceramic artist mentors—we will need to have images of your current work and profile picture.
  • For the mentee application, we assess your needs and work to pair you with the best mentor match—this may take time, especially if your best match is currently mentoring someone else at the moment.
  • Once we make a match, the mentor and mentee must have a conversation either on the phone or via Skype, to discuss what their goals are and assess whether the connection will work for both parties. If the decision is made to move on, both parties must sign a Mentorship Agreement and return the agreement to the ICAN staff.
  • After the Mentorship Agreement is sent in, preferably within a week of the conversation, you will be left to develop your professional, working relationship.
  • There will be quarterly evaluations that will be sent to both mentor and mentee, this will help us determine whether the relationship should continue, and help us gain insight into the program.
  • At the end of your predetermined working relationship, you will be sent a questionnaire of your time in the program. Please note that anything you write will be kept strictly confidential and never shared without your permission.

Give back to the ceramics community by becoming a mentor

  • Enrich the life of an emerging artist, student, or established artist’s current artistic needs.
  • Give back to the ceramics community through the development of our peers, emerging artists, students, and ceramic professionals by personally and professionally supporting their growth.
  • Enhance your coaching, teaching, and existing workshop skills.
  • Get exposure to new and different styles, knowledge, and perspectives.

Email: Emily Arbogast (earbogast@ceramics.org) or Holly Goring (hgoring@ceramics.org) to become a mentor today!