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Sneak Peek:

2020 Online Juried Exhibition theme!

Contest Details:

  • All work submitted must be for sale and available for the duration of the show.
  • The winning piece selected for the 2020 ICAN Juried Online Exhibition will be featured in an upcoming 2020-21 issue of Pottery Making Illustrated magazine.

Got cabin fever? We got just the thing to distract you! Start gathering your best ceramic work and taking photos! This contest goes live on April 9th, and the call for entry will occur on the Submittable website.

This is an ICAN-member only contest!

The 2020 ICAN Juried Exhibition: Short and Stout


This year’s juror, Katie Sleyman, Acquisitions and Content Editor of Ceramics Monthly and Pottery Making Illustrated, has had her work cut out for her with an exceptional cast of outstanding submissions. She selected 20 ceramic works to be included in this year’s exhibition; so please click the link below and check out the winning teapots.

2020 Juried Exhibition Winners:

Marion Angelica, Flat Iron Teapot
Hayne Bayless, Small Teapot with Hinge Lid
Fong Choo, Ameboid
Kimberly Cook, Me and My Teabird
Hannah Graeper Carver, Cobalt Teapot
William Jackson III, Sci-Fi Teapots
Swanica Ligtenberg, Horsehair Raku Mishima Teapot Set
Scott McClellan, Terra-Cotta Teapot
Brooke Millecchia, Foyer
Polina Miller, Tea Set
Stephanie Osser, Bluebird Teapot
Lora Rust, Ivory Nouveau Teapot
Shana Salaff, Chubby Teapot
Sam Scott, Black and White Teapot 1
Marcia Selsor, Botanical Vision
Ulla Sonne, The Geometric Teapot
Hayun Surl, Untitled
Leilani Trinka, Perahu Teapot
Joan Ulrich, Roundabout Tea
Adam Yungbluth, Over the Top Grand Stand Teapot

ICAN thanks all members who that submitted their work. Please join us in congratulating the winners! If you would like to see larger images of the Short and Stout artwork, head on over to the gallery page!    

JUROR: Katie Sleyman, Acquisitions and Content Editor of Ceramics Monthly and Pottery Making Illustrated

Juror’s Biography

Katie Sleyman studied ceramics at the University of Mary Washington, where she graduated with a BA in studio art. Two years in the post-baccalaureate program at the University of Arkansas focused her studio practice and gave her the opportunity to work as a studio technician and instructor at a local community arts center. After completing her MFA in ceramics at Ohio University, Katie joined the editorial staff and currently works as acquisitions and content editor for Ceramics Monthly, Pottery Making Illustrated, and Ceramic Recipes.

Outside of the office, Katie spends time making work in her home studio. Generally, projects are kept contained to the spare bedroom, but occasionally, to the dismay of her partner and cat, they spill over into other spaces. She enjoys watching competitive baking shows, exploring Columbus, and learning new crafts (most recently, small metals).

Juror’s Statement

For me, the teapot evokes feelings of warmth and comfort, along with images of steaming cups and weekend mornings. More than other functional forms that accompany the slower moments of everyday life, this vessel also reminds me of the challenge of working with clay. Each part of the teapot—its body, spout, handle, lid, and foot—must be considered, designed, and executed to work in unison.

Evaluating the many submissions to select only 20 teapots was a difficult task, and the pieces shown here reflect the skill and ingenuity of the entries as a whole. In assessing each teapot, I looked for evident confidence in the handing and craft of material, creativity in approach to form, and a certain tempting quality that sparked in me the desire to take hold of its handle and pour. The variety in construction, firing technique, surface, form, and gesture demonstrates the innumerable ways of addressing the challenge of making a teapot. Utilitarian, playful, ornate, or quiet, each teapot in this grouping invites interaction.

Legal Agreement & Participant’s Waiver:
Submission of work automatically waives any claim for damage or loss against ICAN or The American Ceramic Society, including the officers, members, employees, agents and volunteers. ICAN will exercise reasonable care in handling all artwork but will not assume any liability for loss or damage while in ICAN’s possession. Work should be independently insured by the artist.
Usage Rights: The artist retains all copyright interests or claims that they have in their art. By submitting images you give ICAN the right to use and reproduce the images to market and document the exhibition and to enable the image to be part of an online exhibition.
Terms & Conditions: ICAN reserves the right to adjust any deadline(s) as the result of causes beyond its immediate control. Payment of the submission fee indicates acknowledgement of all terms and conditions.
Shipping Artwork: Artwork that is accepted by the juror and needs to be shipped to participate in the exhibition. The artist must pack their work professionally to ensure the pieces protection through shipment and unpacking. ICAN is not responsible for able broken artwork during the shipment to the exhibition.
Return of Work: Participating artists who delivered their art in person should pick it up on the dates and times given by ICAN. Those who shipped their art will have it returned to them in the packaging in which it was sent within 6-8 weeks. The artist must notify ICAN in writing of any changes in their contact information, or their intended place or time of return of their art, prior to the end of the exhibition. The artist is solely responsible for any time, materials, storage, shipment, or other charges that may arise from inadequate packaging, delayed or redirected shipments, nonresponse of the artist, or any other artist requests.

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