ICAN Members Juried Exhibition Opportunities


The 2019 ICAN Juried Exhibition at NCECA will be at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, MN.

The show will be March 27-30, 2019; start planning your trip!

ICAN 2018 Juried Show at NCECA

The call for 2018 submissions has closed!

Each year, ICAN hosts a juried show of its members’ work at the annual NCECA (National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts) conference, an industry event that attracts around 6,000 potters, ceramic artists and other visitors. ICAN members are invited to submit their work for consideration using the forms provided below.

Selected pieces will be featured as part of a display at NCECA.


ICAN Juried Show at NCECA 2018
52st Annual NCECA Conference
Pittsburgh, PA March 14-16, 2018

This year’s juror is Forrest Gard, Associate Editor of Ceramics Monthly and Pottery Making Illustrated.

The ICAN 2018 Juried Show Winners!

Chris Corson: Chapel

Rosemarie Delson: Big Wheel

Mari Emori: Homage to the Pima I

Ann Ruel: Child's Tea Set

Stephanie Osser: Turtle Landscape Lithophane

Stephanie Lanter: Lopsided

Shae Eakright: Moss

Meg Beaudoin: Sunrise Tea Bowl

Marina Smelik: Skillet with Fried Egg

Coco Costigan: Van's Shoe Box

Mimi Logothetis: Beholden

Lindsay Scypta: Pitcher

Sam Scott: Black and White Vase with Handbuilt Neck

Lois Harbaugh: New Amphora

Shamai Gibsh: Bodyblaze #10

Eliza Wang: Pot with Thoughts- Prosperity

Asta Bubliene: Bowl with Seagull by the City

Kiara Matos: Tray with Bowl

Sarah German: Amber Teapot

Jenny Chamberlain: Lidded Jar with Sprig Mold Alterations

Fatimah Alhazmy: Black Jasmine Flowers Pot

Sharon Gardner: Wood Fired Vase






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