ICAN T-shirt Contest

Sneak Peek of the 2019 ICAN T-shirt Design Contest!

Contest details to know:

  • The contest opens May 23rd and ends July 4th at 11:59 PM EDT USA.
  • We want original slogans and/or designs with a ceramic focus.
  • The winner of the contest will receive a cash prize of $250, two free T-shirts, and one year free ICAN Gold membership!
  • There is no contest fee to enter, you just need to be a currently active ICAN member.
  • The final design will be chosen by a membership vote between July 11–18, 2019.
  • The winner will be announced on July 25th!

Stay tuned, directions on how to submit your design and/or slogan will be released on May 23rd!

2018 ICAN T-Shirt Contest:

The winner of the contest is…Kelli Sabin!

Kelli Sabin has received a cash prize of $250, two free T-shirts, and a FREE ICAN Gold membership for one year! Congratulations Kelli!

You can purchase the current ICAN T-shirts here.

Meet the winner:

“This Hands-On drawing was inspired one day while helping a student throw on the wheel. As I began pulling out the various clay tools, I thought about how each one is uniquely shaped and designed with a purpose. There are hundreds of tools of the trade in the art world, but most clay tools are used specifically for clay. I wanted the hands and pot to be emphasized the most, so they are placed in front of the bordered edges. I started with a contour line drawing of someone seated at the wheel and added the design elements like weighted line and a play on negative space. The leading lines seen in the splash pan and wheel head draw the viewer to the main focus.” —Kelly Sabin, ICAN Member

Illustrative and sometimes whimsical animal drawings best describe the work of Kelli Johnson Sabin. Being raised in an artistic family, having a mother who taught ceramics, and growing up on a farm in northern Illinois all greatly influenced her work. Kelli’s parents encouraged her and provided opportunities for her to explore various media beginning at a young age. Although graphite with watercolor, oils on canvas, and handbuilding clay are her favorites, she can be found enjoying ink, fiber, and mixed media also. Kelli​​ has won numerous awards and her work can be found in many private and corporate collections. After earning a BFA from Rockford University and having a professional art career that has spanned nearly 30 years, Kelli now teaches Studio Art and Ceramics I & II at the high school level. She is excited to encourage, promote, and foster creativity in the next generation of artists while still having the opportunity to be artistic herself.

The winning T-shirt is on sale on the Ceramic Arts Network Shop page!

To purchase ICAN T-shirts, just click here.

The Contest:

Now’s your chance to promote your ceramic-focused designs to your fellow ICAN members and the ceramic community. We are looking for original slogans and designs with a ceramic focus. To enter the ICAN T-shirt Design Contest, fill out the form below, and upload your slogan and/or design. It’s that easy. The contest opens May 23rd and ends at 11:59pm, July 4th. The winner of the contest will receive a cash prize of $250, two free T-shirts, and an ICAN Gold membership!

There is no fee to enter, you just need to be a currently active ICAN member. The final design will be chosen by a membership vote from July 11th to July 18th, and the winner will be announced on July 25th! So, send in your best designs and share what you want to wear.

Good luck!

Official Contest Rules:

  • THE CONTEST: Entrants in the 2019 International Ceramic Artists Network (ICAN) T-Shirt Design Contest should submit an original slogan, design, or both to be considered for an ICAN T-shirt, which will be promoted and sold in the Ceramic Arts Network Shop, and based on approved and language provided here within the official contest rules. Original slogans and designs should be inspired by and influenced by the ceramic arts and the ceramic arts community.
  • ELIGIBILITY: The contest is open to all currently active ICAN members—including all standard, silver, and gold membership levels.
  • CONTEST PERIOD: The contest will have two (2) phases including the submission phase and the voting phase. The contest’s submission phase runs from May 23, 2019 at 6:00 PM EDT and ends July 4, 2019 at 11:59 pm EDT. The voting phase will begin on July 11, 2019 and run through July 18, 2019. Winners will be notified and the winner will be announced on or before July 25, 2019.
  • GUIDELINES: Only three entries per member. All entries must be original creations of the contestant, have never been published, and do not contain profanity, trademarks, logos, or copyrighted works of any other person or business. You agree that if you submit an entry, you will sign a release form prepared by us acknowledging your acceptance and understanding of the complete contest rules including that the winning design is the property of ICAN. The ICAN Staff will choose the top submissions. The top submissions will be put to a member vote from July 11 through July 18, 2019. We reserve the right to pick one entry, more than one entry, or no entries as the winning entry.
  • WINNER SELECTION: The winning design(s) will remain the property of the ICAN, and will not be returned to you. ICAN may use the winning design at any time after the contest. The winning contestant may display their own design in a portfolio or personal collection, but may not sell or reproduce the design for any other purpose once submitted to the contest.
  • PRIZE: $250, 1-year ICAN Gold Membership, 2 free shirts with the winning design, and your signature printed along with the winning design.
    • The entries must be original slogan and/or designs
    • You must be a current ICAN member
    • The entry should be accompanied by your name, contact information, and consent to the contest rules
    • The entry may be any of the following art file formats if submitted electronically: jpg, jpeg, png, or pdf.  Maximum file size of 32 MB. Dimensions: 12″ x 12″.
    • Use of the ICAN logo is permitted.


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