ICAN Advisory Board Members



Meet the talented team that works with ICAN to jury contests, pick award winners, and lead our organization into greatness.

Dawn Ferguson,
Fredericksburg, VA

Advisory Board 1st Chair: 2016-2018


  • Membership committee
  • Nominating committee
  • Awards committee

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Pres Rice,
Tyrone, PA

Advisory Board Member: 2015- 2018

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Nicole Copel,
La Veta, Colorado

Advisory Board Member: 2016- 2019


  • Membership Committee
  • Gallery Committee
  • Annual Fundraising events

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Vicky Hansen,
Penrose, CO

Advisory Board Past Chair: 2015-2018


  • Membership
  • Awards
  • Nominating Committees

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Evelyne Schoenmann,
Basel, Switzerland

Advisory Board Member: 2015-2018

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Abby Heingartner,
Needham, MA

Student Board Member: 2016-2018

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Deborah Britt,
Oregon Coast, Oregon

Advisory Board: 2017-2020


  • Award Committee

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Rob Lawarre,
Memphis, TN

Board Member Chair Elect for ICAN: 2017-2020


  • Awards Committee

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