2019 ICAN Juried Exhibition Winners

ICAN 2019 Juried Exhibition at NCECA


2019 ICAN Juried Exhibition at NCECA
53rd Annual NCECA Conference
Minneapolis Convention Center
Minneapolis, MN
March 27-30, 2019

Posey Bacopoulos

Michael Blair

Coco Costigan

Priscilla Dahl

Mariko Okubo

Lori Dresner

Spencer Ebbinga

Sooyeon Kim

Anyuta Gusakova

Karen Ellis Phillips

Luke Huling

Meredith Knight

Irene Lawson

Marta Matray

Cynthia McDaniel

Marina Smelik

Susan Strand-Penman

Ken Turner

Genie Weppner

Caleb Zouhary

2019 ICAN Juried Exhibition Winners:

Michael Blair: Hybrid Pitcher
Irene Lawson: Butterflies
Caleb Zouhary: Lidded Casserole
Sooyeon Kim: Fruitfulness
Anyuta Gusakova: White Horse Candy Dish
Karen Ellis Phillips: Hanalei Bowl
Mynthia McDaniel: Cloud Teapot with Teacup
Spencer Ebbinga: Pork Barrel Express
Genie Weppner: Ginko Basket 2
Meredith Knight: Grid
Mariko Okubo: Fragment of the Star
Luke Huling: Suspended Stress
CoCo Costigan: Our Roller Skates
Lori Dresner: Fish Dreams
Priscilla Dahl: Time As The Teacher
Marta Matray: Pearl Nest
Susan Strand-Penman: The Keeper
Posey Bacopoulos: Oval Teapot
Marina Smelik: Old Iron II

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2019 ICAN Juried Show Exhibition!

JUROR: Ash Neukamm, Assistant Publications and Online Content Editor of Ceramic Arts Network

Juror’s Statement

While reviewing the submissions, I was overwhelmed by the level of craftsmanship of all the entries and impressed with variety of styles of work. I feel that the 20 pieces I selected embody all the things that I think are great about clay: the versatility of the material, the ability to make complex and simple forms, and the vibrancy and warmth of color that can be achieved at all firing ranges. I found myself gravitating towards works that were different from my own, and they all appeared to tell a story. I enjoyed searching for answers to the gaps in the stories that each piece posed. To me, this show is a celebration of storytelling in clay.

Juror’s Biography

Ash Neukamm found clay during her second semester of college at the University of Florida and quickly became obsessed! After graduating in 2010 with a bachelor of fine arts, she attended the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth’s post-baccalaureate program. She was accepted into the Ohio State University’s master of fine arts program and graduated in 2014.

She has currently spent the last 9 years studying, making pots, teaching, and living in Columbus, OH. Ash is happy to have a large basement studio where she can throw and make a mess. She has worked as the Assistant Editor of Publications & Online Content at the American Ceramic Society in Westerville, OH for the past 4 years. Outside of the office and studio, she enjoys reading, cooking, hiking, entertaining her pups, and hanging with her boyfriend and family.