Harvey Greenberg
Keramiek in de Kelder
Waltham, Massachusetts


Artist Statement
I am drawn to creating objects that integrate my sense of free form design, my engineering background, and the challenges of getting clay to recognize what I want it to do! I just love the complex problem-solving required in handbuilding objects.

Studio Description 
I have a small work space in the cellar of my home in MA and in FL and take advantage of classes and open studio time in art schools (Decordova Museum in Lincoln, MA and Lighthouse Art Center in Tequesta, FL). I have a wheel that is mostly retired, a geriatric electric kiln (recently re-wired), and enough spaces to happily do my thing.

What type of clay do you use?
Stoneware and porcelain

What temperature do you fire to?
Generally cone 6 and 05 at home and 6 and 10 in school kilns

What is your primary forming method?

Do you make any of your own tools?
I've made some specialized tools when needed, such as an undercutting tool for channels on the back side of hanging pieces.

What one word would you use to describe your work?

What is your favorite thing about your studio?
No distractions

What is the one thing in your studio you can’t live without?
Music all the time and heat in winter

Who is your ceramic art mentor and why?
Bruce Barry and Chad Steve

What are your top three studio wishes?
A window, more wall space, a much larger kiln than 16" max diameter and height

What’s on your current reading list?
"Altered Traits" by Daniel Goleman, Richard Davidson

How do you save money on materials and supplies?
I recycle all clay scraps and dried out glazes.

How do you recharge creatively?
Scan journals, exercise, get enough sleep

What challenges have you given yourself to overcome?
Creating a big piece with many complex interconnected parts, with minimal structural support, and safely getting it into the kiln before my clumsy hands destroy it.

What did you first piece look like?
A handbuilt sphere with a cut-out as in a cheese ball. I took my first ceramics class in Enschede, Netherlands and cheese was, of course, a thing!

What is your studio playlist?
all classical

Why do you create art?
It deeply satisfies me to create something from concept to reality and to know that it's something that speaks of me, albeit in a small way.

What is your best studio tip?
Keep it clean.

If you could change one property of clay, what would it be?
Make it dustless; all dust particles agglomerate into a solid mass automatically.