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Pamela Kadlec, PKPottery

Edgefield, SC



Artist Statement:
Making functional pottery and using it in my kitchen and everyday life is just as rewarding as hunting over a dog I trained and dining on a meal I bagged with that dog. It’s a full circle kind of feeling, immensely satisfying and self-fulfilling.

Studio Description:
Converted carport with an attached shed for propane fired car kiln

What type of clay do you use?
Mostly stoneware, dark stone and orange stone

What temperature do you fire to?
Cone 10+

What is your primary forming method?

What is your favorite surface treatment?

Do you make any of your own tools?
A few, mostly cut motel room keys

What one word would you use to describe your work?

What is your favorite thing about your studio?
That it’s in my yard

What is the one thing in your studio you can’t live without?
My wheel

What are your top three studio wishes?
Just 2 – More space and more time to throw

How do you save money on materials and supplies?
Recycle clay

How do you recharge creatively?
Order new books/videos or attend a seminar.
Pottery is a release for me and not my full-time job so throwing recharges
and relaxes me.

What challenges have you given yourself to overcome?
To throw thinner and taller pieces while maintaining functionality

What did you first piece look like?
The usual heavy mug

What ceramic superpower would you have and why?
To throw large because I haven’t been able to throw more than 8 pounds up until now.

Who is your ceramic art mentor and why?
Gary Clontz, he inspired me to be a potter.

What is your studio playlist?
Eclectic – Bach to Zepplin

Why do you create art?
I have always worked with my hands and find satisfaction in art, more in clay than other mediums.

What is your best studio tip?
Set aside time each day to work in the studio no matter how busy life is.

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