15 Low-Fire Glaze Recipes from the Pros: Recipe Cards for Low Fire Pottery Glazes

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Looking for a few great low-fire glaze recipes? Here they are—15 great recipes from 11 professional ceramic artists and available on convenient recipe cards you can print out and take into your studio. No matter what your interest—color, texture, surface effect, majolica or slips—you’re sure to discover something you can use on your work from these successful glazes the pros are using. If you’ve been looking for a new low-fire glaze recipe to use as a base glaze for functional work, or maybe you’re in need of some highly unusual surface treatments, then you’ll find the assortment here covers glossy to matt and crusty to smooth. And by the time you add in all the possible variations through your experiments, your low-fire glaze palette should be teaming with possibilities. And remember, results vary with clay bodies, materials, and firing schedules, so be sure to test all your glazes in small batches using your own materials and equipment. Now get out there and mix up some new low-fire pottery glazes!

Check out this excerpt:

Steve Davis-Rosenbaum: Linda Arbuckle’s Majolica Glaze

Cone 04

Sandra Luehrsen: Matt Glaze

Cone 06

Sandra Luehrsen: Majolica Overglaze

Cone 06-04

Deanna Ranlett: Low-Fire Crystal Glaze

Cone 04-02

Deanna Ranlett: Love Child Spodumene/Strontium Revision

Cone 04-02

Joe Pintz: Hirsh Satin Matt

Cone 04-02

Kari Radasch: Kari’s Best Transparent

Cone 04-02

Howard Koerth: HK Dry Lithium Base

Cone 010-04

Darren Emenau: MNO Lichen

Cone 06

Joan Bruneau: Black Vitreous Slip

Cone 04

Joan Bruneau: Deb’s Clear Glaze

Cone 04

Arthur Halvorsen: Icy Blue Glaze

Cone 04

Gail Kendall: White Slip

Cone 06-10

Gail Kendall: Gerstley Borate Base Glaze

Cone 03

Lana Wilson: Lana’s Purple Aqua Glaze

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