How to Create a Beautiful Lobed Rim on a Wheel Thrown Plate

Plates have to be one of my favorite pottery forms to make. I love the big open canvas for decoration and the fact that they can double as wall art if you so desire. Because they are so much fun, though also deceptively challenging, we decided to put together a compilation of plate-making techniques from several different artists.

In today’s post, I am sharing an excerpt from Platters: Four Approaches to Making and Decorating Plates in which Forrest Lesch-Middelton demonstrates a great way to make a beautiful altered rim on a large plate. Gorgeous. – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.



This clip was excerpted from Platters: Four Approaches to Making and Decorating Plates


flmplatefinished_500To learn more about Forrest Lesch-Middelton or to see more images of his work, please visit


  • It’s nice that he explains the tools he’s using, and the brand name…

  • Would it work as well to cut a crescent shape rather than a triangle? How would that change the form?

  • Beautiful, I love Dolan tools but am wondering what clay you are using & what cone #

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