Handbuilt Pottery Making Video: How to Make a Properly Functioning Handbuilt Spout for a Teapot

Jeffrey Nichols explains the mechanics that go into making a functional teapot spout.

Today’s video features potter Jeffrey Nichols demonstrating a great
technique for a handbuilt teapot spout. In addition to the technique,
Jeffrey discusses and gives pointers on what makes a teapot spout
function properly. I have made a few teapots in the years I have been
making pottery, and more often than I would like to admit, I’ve had
dribbly spouts. So I am anxious to try out the tips Jeffrey mentions.
The video is a bit longer than most that we show on Ceramic Arts Daily,
but it is packed with good information so it’s worth it to watch it to
the end. I hope you’ll stick with it and then put his tips into
practice on your next teapot. – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.
[flash http://ceramicartdaily.net/movie/nicholsteapot.flv mode=0]

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2009 Buyers Guide to Ceramic Supplies and Materials
to learn where to purchase underglazes and other pottery studio supplies.

To see more of Jeffrey’s pottery and learn more about him, visit www.jeffreynichols.us.

  • Jeffery, I should have googled and found your demo BEFORE I spent a whole day making a hand-built teapot, only to have the bisqued pot dribble and gurgle! Good thing I didn’t glaze it yet! I am going to start over and follow your way of doing it…… I have read quite a few pages and watched a few demos on line (now)…but YOUR info is actually HELPFUL! Thank-you so much! ….back to the studio for another day of hand-building. 🙂

  • Paula E.

    Extremely helpful; I can’t wait to get started.

  • Metka S.

    The best video! So helpful and no drips!

  • Eugenia M.

    Thanks for sharing this hand-building technique on how to do a spout!. Watching this video has opening a lot of possibilities for my hand-building pieces.

  • Peggy S.

    Thanks for posting this! Very helpful.

  • Wonderful video.. learned something new.. thanks so much for posting this!!

  • Jennifer H.

    Carmen – Your local pottery supplier should have pottery plaster. Or, check out the Buyers Guide to Ceramic Supplies and Materials for a list of suppliers. You can download a copy on our free gifts page: /free-gifts/
    Scroll down to find it and click the get a free gift button.
    Jennifer Harnetty, edtor.

  • Carmen R.

    I need to know were to buy the plaster.

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