Bonus Monday Pottery Video: Nifty Adjustable Mold System Makes Many Shapes and Sizes Possible with a Single Mold

Happy Monday all! To start the week out right, I have a bonus Monday video for you! This one was submitted by Ceramic Arts Daily subscriber Dale Baucum.

In the video, Dale tries out a couple of adjustable molds for slab building. The beauty of these molds is that you can make a plethora of different shapes and sizes of pots with just one mold. Super cool. - Jennifer Harnetty, editor.



[youtube id="DOitj4J4-98?rel=0" width="620" height="360"]


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  • Ginger B.

    Do you make these molds to sell or share your pattern form making them?

  • Miguel T.

    Me gusto mucho vuestro video. Gracias. Hay tanto por aprender.

  • Patti S.

    Please tell me where I may buy the Nifty adjustable Molds. I love them!!


  • Kathy J.

    I loved watching your video. Like many of the others, can you please tell me where to buy these molds? Thanks. Kathy Jeffers. Email me at

  • what a brilliant idea. Thank you for sharing the idea. I am going to ask my hubby to make me a couple.

  • Thank you for such a wonderful video and a great idea. On my list to order!!

  • Liliana C.


  • Mine just arrived today… I cannot wait to use it. Thank you I think now that I have it I may take a stab at making the larger square one so that I can make deeper plates, dishes, etc.

  • Asked for these molds for x-mas and got them! Can’t wait to use them!

  • Barbara S.

    I loved your video, do you use the narrow or wider mold??
    where cam we see more of your work? Do you teach classes? I live in Oxford and would love to meet you.

    thanks, Barbara

  • Shelley G.

    I am liking the moulds. Dale will you share where I can pick up on those moulds. My “E” is Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Roberta H.

    Dale, can you tell us whether your mould is the 1.25 lip or the 2.25 lip? thanks…..great video!

  • Jennifer, thank you for the update. I always look for new tools or new ideas.

  • Thank you for showing the piece with the final glaze. I always wonder.

  • Nancy T.

    Great video! Thanks for showing the whole process.

  • Camilla W.

    I bought mine at Bamboo Tools.They are made very well and I’m having lots of fun with them.

  • Wanda D.

    This is wonderful. Thank you for sharing. Where can the adjustable molds be purchased? You can email me at Thank you and blessings.

  • beautiful work Dale….so creative yet simple….thanks so much

  • Diane P.

    Thanks so much for all the wonderful videos!

  • Kenneth S.

    Terrific video, Dale – thanks so much for sharing. I don’t know when I’ve learned so much in 5 minutes.

  • Carola L.

    Great Video. Thanks for sharing it. Would be nice to get instructions on how to make the moulds yourself. As I don’t live in the USA it’s a bit difficult to purchase them. Would someone be prepared to share the making process with me? Thanks a lot – I would really appreciate it. (I’ve got a brother who’s a carpenter and who can give me a hand)

  • Deborah H.

    Thanks for such a great video Dale! Adjustable molds are in the “Now why didn’t think of that?” category and perfect for someone with limited space issues. Can’t wait till I them.

    I’m sure the “plops”(for the lack of a better word)on the finished pieces are a signature design element, but, I’d really, really like to know how how you do that?

    Thanks again, Debbie

  • Thank you for sharing and explaining so clearly. Very ingenious.

  • Cheryl M.

    thank you that was very informative. I’ve been using a mold, similar, but not nearly as adjustable as yours. I especially appreciate seeing the glazed pieces. Most of the videos don’t show the final stages, glazing, etc. and it’s nice to see them finished!

  • Brenda F.

    Wonderful video — where DOES one purchase these adjustable mold systems?

  • Most potters are high on creativity and low on funds so have a NEED TO KNOW instructions for making these molds. PLEASE SOON. Thanks love the creative idea.

  • Brenda M.

    Thanks Dale and CAD for keeping us up-to-date on tools that are available.

  • Katrina L.

    Great video – made easy by a brilliant potter!! Well done.

  • Elaine H.

    Again, thanks very much for a great video- genius invention, and very nice instruction. Hope I can get a shipment to Scotland!

  • It is great informative video and Thank you for sharing.

  • Janice W.

    Thanks for a great video and to see the finished product was even more exciting.

  • Genevieve N.

    Went to see the bambootools site for moulds, and there you go, Dale Bancum has another video there. It’s a bit of a commercial posted here, isn’t it ? It seems this company is going to make lots of profits in the coming few days given the number of eager readers who now want to buy themselves some of that! And I hope (and guess) that Dale will get his commission too! 😉

  • David L.

    They are really beautiful. I love the finished products. Look fantastic.

  • Sandra W.

    Lovely thank you. Such a space saving devise also. I have plaster moulds taking up so much valuable space in my studio. I have made a few platters similar to this and they always, always warp some more than others. Dale or anyone can you please tell me how I can avoid this? I have used stoneware and earthenware and stoneware (fired at 1250 Centigrade warps the most).


  • Claudio L.

    Hooray, finally start to finish, and the finished fired piece as well!!!!!!

    Very interesting, would love to have the plans for the mold!!!

  • Martha W.

    Fantastic! Thanks for sharing this.

  • Gordon W.

    Dale, thanks for a well crafted and very informative video. I too would like to know how to make these molds, or where one might purchase them.

  • I’m thinking making it much like coddle boards but with a beveled 2×2 would work right?

  • great product demo! more please.
    I liked the product but as always the store bought ones are expensive. Off to the wood shop!

  • Kelly R.

    I found them as directed by the links within the posts. However, I wish there were instructions for making them because those of us on a tight budget cannot afford them otherwise….

  • I just got myself a slab roller. This is the perfect toy to use with my big new toy.

  • Good video, but where do you get the molds? Especially the square one!

  • Betty B.

    Great idea! Where can we get these molds? Are they available commercially?

  • I also want to know if he is making these to sell. I would like to buy them also.

  • Euphemia M.

    great vidio… where do you get the moulds…. or how do you make them… do you have instructions…

  • Dennis B B.


    Good video about using such a mold. I make similar plates using several “fixed” square and rectangular molds of different sizes that I made myself. What I’d really like to know is how to make (or purchase) a flexible mold like this one as I clearly offers more flexibility and more interesting shapes.

  • Claire T.

    Hi, Dale. Thank you for making and posting this instructive video. The lighting on the finished pots at the end showed how beautiful your glazing is. I was wondering if you do anything to the bottoms? Just smooth with abrasive or add little feet or felt?

  • OK, where to buy or how to make molds? Fabulous! Also, where to purchase edging tool?

  • Kathy B.

    this technique is the process, and the ideas could be endless…thank you so much..I will be purchasing these moulds..I was just kinda curious as to what kind of clay they useds..keep up the great information..

  • Margaret T.

    How do we go about purchasing these beautiful molds?

  • Carol V.

    What an informative video. Is it possible to order these adjustable molds?

  • Phyllis C.

    Would you furnish instructions for making the mold?

    Beautiful work.

  • I have the octagon mold, purchased from

  • Pauline P.

    Where can I get these molds, in the DVD, does he show how to make them?

  • Very nice work. Great slip trailing. Are these molds available for sale somewhere or do you need to make them?

  • Gennie H.

    Love this video and the mold…Where do you get a mold like this? Is it available for purchase?

  • Great video! Were these purchased or made frames?


    Did Dale build this himself or is it available for purchase?

  • Julie N.

    How wonderful to actually see the finished product! Great video.

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