Ceramics Decorating Video: Using Paper Stencils for Precise Underglaze Decoration

We’re kicking off 2009 with a how-to ceramics video about using paper stencils and underglaze for surface decoration. The video features ceramic artist Eva Kwong and was filmed during the recent Potters Council workshop “Surface, Form and Substance” in Indianapolis, Indiana. Plus, we’ve included some photos and a recap of the workshop below.







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Recap of Potters Council Conference: Surface, Form and Substance
by Dawn Sandoe, AMACO/BRENT

The following is excerpted from Potters Pages, November 2008
Workshop attendees arrived from all parts of the country, many with testimonials about how the work of presenters – including Lana Wilson, Debra Fritts, and Ovidio Giberga – had inspired them to sign up for two days of workshops. One woman with the most compelling travel story of all said, “Coming to AMACO is like coming to Mecca for a potter.” That comment inspired us to work hard.

The vibrancy that had suddenly flowed into AMACO that evening erupted like the best champagne when Susan Kemenyffy spoke frankly and with humor about her career, her aspirations and her influences. Her desire to pass on what she had learned (in honor of those who had motivated her) illuminated how sacred teaching art is and how deeply its roots grow. She acknowledged the unusual work ethic of an artist, the solitary hours of experimentation, the development of technique, and the attention to detail that’s required to become the best one can be at their craft. Susan set the tone of rich expectation for the weekend, and the other presenters delivered

Jeffrey, Eva, Susan, Lana, Ovidio and Debra took time with members in workshops and in conversation to answer questions. They also took the time to advise us at AMACO about trends in the ceramic community and made valuable suggestions. We were rewarded to find that what we do daily has value for artists and teachers who commit long hours to developing ceramic art, and to teaching others to do the same.




  • Helen S.

    very good basic skills. Love it. How do I buy a copy of the video, actually is there a dvd?

  • Easy and very very nice!!! All my compliments!!!

  • Claudia N.

    beautiful tiles with simple technique!
    Thank you!

  • Virgil P.

    This is a great technique and a great video. Thank you.

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