Second DIY Clay Tools Video Contest – Finalist 1

Just as we suspected, our audience is still a clever lot. The submissions for the second DIY Clay Tools Video Contest are in and they did not disappoint. After much deliberation, we’ve chosen three great finalists.


We will present them today; Wednesday, September 26; and Friday, September 30. A link to the voting page for the grand prize winner will be posted on Friday September 30, and voting will continue through midnight (Eastern Standard Time) Monday, October 1.


We’ll announce the lucky winner of the Ricoh 430DN Digital Ceramic Printer from Digital Ceramic Technologies on Wednesday, October 3.


We hope you enjoy these videos as much as we have! – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.



Finalist 1
Kevin Morris, Malta

In this video, Kevin Morris shows us the environmentally friendly and inexpensive water curtain spray booth he built.


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Don’t forget to vote for your favorite DIY tool video Friday, September 28 – Monday, October 1, 2012 (11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time)!

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  • Michael G.

    Not only is this spray booth simple and effective, the video is very good. Kevin explains each step verbally and visually, and supplements it with text which lists the parts needed. I’m no engineer, and I’m certainly not what anyone would call a handyman, but I think with a closer study of the video, along with a lot of patience and time, and a little help from a good friend who is more skilled than I at putting things together, I could actually build this spray booth. Thanks for sharing, Kevin.

  • I’m not getting any volume with this video..!!!anyone else having the same problem..? i usually have no problems.

  • Sharyn D.

    Thank you for a clear explanation and great video. I believe you have helped many potters around the world with your wonderful sustainable and relatively inexpensive booth.

  • So much better than using an extractor fan with all their inefficiencies, noise and build-up of dry powder residues. This way there is no spare dust and full recovery of materials is possible. A great step forward. These containers are used in our area to transport grapejuice and wine.

  • Mather M.

    I wish to congratulate Mr. Morris for his inovative use of the
    IBC container as a potters spray booth.
    We live in Central Arizona and water conservation is very important.
    Would Mr. Morris care to print up a hobby diagram of his
    reclycled use for the IBC? I also would like to know if he
    found a good use for the exterior frame.
    Sincerely MLM

  • Judith F.

    So how often do you get rid of the glaze water and start with clean again?
    You also mentioned reclaiming glaze. I assume you are only spraying one color at a time before you reclaim the glaze.

  • Many thanks for your kind words.
    In answer to your queries…
    I spray many glazes, but only harvest the residue when about 3/8 inch accumulates in the bottom… I never know what will turn out when I fire the harvested glaze, but pleasant surprises do happen in pottery. Please note that since I only use cone 10 glazes (i.e. I don’t mix firing temperatures) I know that at least I am harvesting a cone 10 glaze.
    I usually just top up the water in the bottom as necessary… and I find that it is too toxic for mosquitoes to breed in it! I also find that once it has settled, the glaze remains on the bottom, it doesn’t get pumped around… so the water that is sprayed is relatively clean.
    Water conservation is an imperative in Malta… in fact I actually use rainwater collected from the roof instead of mains water.
    I re-used the IBC frame too. I put pallet wood shelves across the horizontal members and use it to store clay… surprising how much you can store in a cubic metre.
    I will have a go at making a “hobby diagram”, but am not sure that I can post it here.

  • Very clever idea. With this spray booth is there a need for an exhaust vent? And, is a paper mask efficient? I am in need of a spray booth and love this one, however, I need to build it in my basement. Any thoughts on this?

  • Deborah,
    I use an FFP3 mask that conforms to EN 149:2001 (a moldex 3505, from ebay), which is meant to filter out airborne particulates and viruses. I find it to be far better than the old welder’s mask that I used to use.
    The whole idea of the water curtain is that the stream of water running down the back and sides collects the overspray… you don’t need an exhaust vent.
    All the best, Kevin

  • Connie F.

    This is a great idea. I like using recycled materials. I wonder what I can do in my little studio to make one like that. Hmmm.

  • I am so impressed with your design and clear communication of development and execution of your spray booth! Conservation and recycle/repurpose are key factors in taking care of our nature resources. Thank you for sharing. I love that the water curtain collects the overspray for re-use and eliminates the need for a noisy exhaust system. Well done!

  • thanks for thinking outside the box to creat work inside the box! Wonderful idea and use of materials, environmentally appropriate, well done video and appreciative of your willingness to share your idea.

    It appears you have this set up outside? As others, I wonder if this could be used indoors in winter?

    The “Heath Robinson” in my house is most intrigued! thanks again.

  • Diana
    Thanks for your very kind comments.
    My spray booth is INSIDE my studio… it sits in a corner behind my 2 gas kilns. So I use it year-round. Hope this answers your question, and that you will be inspired to make one too; I know Mr Robinson well :).
    All the Best

  • Excellent idea. I’ll pass this on to my club in California. I have had a problem with how to dispose of our cleaning water.

  • Kathryn R.

    Wow, now I just need to find someone who can help me build this! If you have any written instructions/diagrams I would love to obtain a copy? We made a spray booth with an exhaust fan but my studio and I are always covered in glaze after a session with it and it takes a lot of work to get the glaze off the booth interior so that I can recycle into a wonderful, limited edition, non-food safe glaze. Terrific idea and great video Kevin.

  • It seems that a number of folks would like a written set of instructions / diagrams for the spray booth. I would be very pleased to oblige… if you would like a copy please email me on… since I am not sure that I can post a pdf file to these comments (Perhaps Jennifer could advise, please)

    Thanks for you very kind comments

  • Great instructional video. Friend of mine is working on a motorised banding wheel using a recycled microwave motor. This might be a useful addition to your booth so you don’t have to reach in whilst spraying.
    All credit to Marty for the idea.
    Good luck in the competition!

  • Christeena G.


    Congratulations on being a finalists. It has been exciting! Thank you for sharing great your idea!


  • Kevin M.

    Many many congratulations to the winner and many thanks to all who voted for my spraybooth.
    Happy potting

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