Inexpensive Homemade Pottery Tool Makes Even Decoration a Cinch

A few months ago, I shared a great tip for a measuring device called a Dividing Web. This tool is quite handy for making precise repeated decoration all the way around a pot. So I thought I would follow up with a video of another great tool for dividing round pots up into equal segments.  – Jennifer Poellot Harnetty, editor.

This clip was filmed at the Potters Council (now the International Ceramic Artists Network) Porcelain Conference in San Diego, California. To learn about upcoming events, click here! 

**First published in 2010

  • I love homemade tools! I also really love the simple and elegant decoration she put on the vase 🙂

  • these small ideas are actually the big ones. love it. a very good video piece as well. thanks for sharing. adi

  • Hi I seem to have lost the plot here. HOw does the dental floss fit in with the straw? HOw is the straw bent to fit the rim?

  • It was 5 small bar straws threaded together with the dental floss.

  • Lynette, it’s 5 straight and separate pieces of straw cut to equal lengths, then strung together on the dental floss. This way they make a perfect but flexible pentagram.

  • very cool idea!I love making my own tools…another great idea is using the jagged piece of metal from a tinfoil box and cut it into 1/2 inch pieces and glue them with epoxy to Popsicle sticks..makes a great “Scorer”…great for students of all ages and can be used to make decoration as well.

  • That’s one of the better homemade tools Iv’e seen yet. Look out kemper tools. Making mine tonight. You can probably use the coffee straws instead of hitting all the local bars to get them..But…..A beer sounds good right now to.
    Thanks guys.

  • I am not quite sure how you fit the straws “exactly” to the rim? What happens on a larger rim?

  • I love it… I can’t wait to make one for my tool box. Thank you for continuing to share your wonderful skills.

  • A great tip. It will make our work easier. Thanks so much


  • If your rim is larger, then put the straws in the pot, centered as best you can. The idea here is to pull the deformation from the approximate center of a straw to its intersection with the next straw. You are still eyeballing the measurement, but just with better accuracy. Same thing if the straws are larger than the rim; put it on the outside to help with dividing the circle.

  • Great tool Meira! I’m thinking that with much larger pots one could use much larger straws with longer dental floss, as long as the straws are all the same length.



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  • these small ideas are actually the big ones. love it. a very good video piece as well. thanks for sharing. 非常好

  • I love the decoration and would have loved to see the finished and fired pot.

  • I have just finished my new tools. Thanks a lot for sharing.
    It is a great idea.

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