How to Facet Wheel Thrown Pottery with a Homemade Twisted Wire Tool

Learn to Facet Like a Pro, Plus How to Make Your Own Twisted Wire Tool!

twisted wire tool

Once you have mastered wheel throwing, you can get a little tired of round pots. Faceting pottery is a fun way to fight “round pot boredom.” Many potters facet on stiffened up pots, but Gay Smith prefers faceting before she even takes the pot off the wheel. She loves the spontaneity and the fact that she can continue throwing from the inside and really add some movement.

In this excerpt from her video Altering Surface and Form in Freshly Thrown Pots, Gay shows you how to make your own one-of-a-kind twisted wire tool and demonstrates the marks and gestures you can create with it. Have fun messing around with this technique this week! – Jennifer Poellot Harnetty, editor.

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twisted wire tool

**First published in 2016
  • Rosey A.

    Thank you so much for this information – after returning to ceramics after 20 years – there are so many changes and so many things I have been reminded of.

  • Gay, I love to see you work. You make it all seem so simple. I took a workshop with you years ago and still have two mugs. We are working on altered form in my ceramics class right now and this video was perfect.

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