DIY Clay Tools Video Contest – Finalist 2

Today, we are happy to present the next finalist in our DIY Clay Tools  Video Contest: Murry Gans and his homemade extruder.

We’ll present the next finalist Friday, July 30. A link to the voting page for the grand prize winner will be posted on Friday July 30, and voting will continue through midnight (Eastern Standard Time) Monday, August 2, 2010.

We hope you enjoy these videos as much as we have! – Jennifer Poellot Harnetty, editor.


  • I like it, you can easily spend $500 on an extruder, I’d guess yours could be made for around $40. Thanks for the excellent video.

  • Murry – great idea.. I have one in the works but not mounted.. so thanks for the ideas now I know what to watch for . Good Job.. : )

  • Vanessa V.

    This is really awesome!!!
    I wish I could do my own extruder!
    Maybe I will follow some of the steps to make my own.
    Well done and keep smiling!!!

  • Tresea L.

    I think it is fantastic! I am all for being a “McGiver”! Thanks for submitting this idea Murray! I too want to get all the gadgets and make my own! Keep creating! It’s what makes all of smile.

  • Melissa W.

    Murry you’re a hoot! I’m voting for you… and I’ll get my husband to vote for you IF you have a home built slab roller plan! Pleeeeeze- I can’t afford the store bought kind.

  • Brilliant, well done Murry. I’ve been wanting an Extruder for a while now. Very ingenious and well thought through……I’m off to my tool shed. Thanx Murry

  • Dawn I.

    Great video. The most useful of the three finalist. I have been wanting an exturder but could not afford the cost. This is a very affordable and easy to finish.
    thanks Murray

  • Sofia R.

    Murry if your not pleased with your self your a modest man!- FANTASTIC!
    ALL THAT WORK you make it look easy though I’m sure its not- i just need to find someone to tackle that big job for little old me 🙂

  • Rosanna G.

    Es un gran aporte cuando no hay muchos recursos económicos, felicitaciones por ser tan generoso de enseñar sus inventos.

  • Cynthia M.

    U BOLTS!!!!! I was using bent nails… they slipped and made me sad 🙁 Thanks for the info Murry!

  • Loved the video. Thank you for the great info! Looks like it is easier to clean too, than the square metal ones.

  • Marjorie L.

    I have been thinking to make an extruder for a long time. Thanks to give me all the clues how to build one !!!!!!!!

  • What a great instruction Murry! I am teaching my students to be Producers vs. Consumers and your video demonstrates one more way to engineer a practical solution toward that end. Thanks for sharing your creative alternative.

  • That was an awesome how-to video! I hope it’s the first of many more to come. Great job Murry!

  • Brenda B.

    Maybe my oldest son can make it for me. I’ve had pieces parts for a metal one on the workbench now for two years….even hubby hasn’t finished it yet.

    Loved the singing, should not have watched it while hubby was sleeping, I woke him with my laughter.

    My derby car days are behind me (finally!!) so the dremel tool can be used for this!

  • Daniel S.

    Sorry to be critic again. A metal scrap tube is easily found on a scrap yard and is more sturdy. With some handy skills one can make it all from metal. I made one who was motor-driven using a garage door opener. Interesting submission but it will not get my vote. Sorry.

  • I love the improvisation. You deserve the win Murray!
    For you questioning the cost I must say a 3″ extruder costs around 275.00 to 300.00 and the materials Murray used total 30.00 to 40.00 depending on the hardware store you shop. What is your time worth… pay yourself the other 200.00 to put it together. Great job Murray again You deserve the Win!

  • A Pauline H.

    I will add my voice to others who say that they love people like Murray. Real, genuine and fun to boot. I have an extruder but was curious to see how difficult it would be.
    I can see that the time and energy required to achieve the finished project was considerable and you are wonderful to share it with others. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Mary Jo B.

    Nice homemade teaching session. Love it and it’s cheaper and it works. The last item home made in my home of telescoping PVC pipe was a potato launcher by my older son then a teenager. This is better and doesn’t was potatoes.
    Dremels are very useful but you have to let them sit around about 25 yrs before a good use is found, then it Katy bar the door…add a flex-shaft and foot pedal and you can do jewelry too. Thanx fot the idea and fun.

  • Robyn S.

    This is amazing!A group of us just spent over $500 taking a class on extruding in Mendocino. It was a great class but what we learned can’t be used back in our own studio. We have been struggling to get our extruder to work with the dies we made in the class since we got home at the end of May. This is great idea and will solve a bunch of our problems. Murray, teach a class in California! We’ll sign up-
    Alpha Women

  • Murry, You’re the besssssssssssssssssssst! I will see if my husband will make one for me. I would love to see more of the different types of dies that you have come up with! My vote is for you!
    Daryl Anne

  • Brenda A.

    Thanks for the entertaining video. I love making things from scratch so hope I’ll be able to finish this project. Again, thanks!!

  • Christine P.

    I think this is great! Setting up my own studio, I have more time than money. I figured it would be years before I could afford to invest in an extruder~ now I can just make one!
    I love pottery people.. always so inventive.. so glad to be part of this world!
    Thanks, Murray for sharing this, and making it so easy!!! I’ll be making one much sooner now!

  • William E.

    I have always said it: hands in clay makes smart, good people. But you’re the best, Murray! I want to make one of these.


  • Subscriber T.

    That was brilliant, Murray, you are the “McGuiver” of the mud world! Thanks for sharing your creative genius and for not giving up, well done!

  • Amy H.


    Whoa!!!! This is no simple DIY project! I am totally impressed, and actually in addition to being an artist you obviously are also an engineer!

    I would love to see this appear on, a site/blog that I subscribe to as well which features many different kinds of DIY projects from totally crafty stuff to really high tech stuff, but also DIY art… I recently found a great instructable on electro-forming!

    Awesomeness!! To reiterate what others said: you have wonderful sense of curiosity and inventiveness. I am totally inspired 🙂 and entertained by your lovely spirit.

    Thank you!! Love and peace. amy

  • Cheryl M.

    Great work, Murry! What an inspiration! I use my Dremel for taking the calluses off my feet.

  • Nigel C.

    Good piece of ‘serendipity’ equipment – making do with what you have around (even if you have to purchase brick-a-brack from a hardware store) It shows ingenunity, the ‘art of the potter’.

  • Marvin L.

    Great job.Tried making a pvc extruder a couple of years ago-it beat me up. I decided that I would throw pieces instead.Nice to see that you were sucessful.

  • Ecira S.

    I meant to add that my “sound is down” in my computer, so I did not have an added audio entertainment aspect to enhance the presentation.

    I can tell by others’ comments that I missed something fun!

  • Ecira S.

    I agree with Christine. It is a home made copy of an existing design. I was expecting the finalists would all have created “new” tools. I wonder if the next “tool” will be “new.”

    My sound

    We must admit that “DIY” is indeed different from “inventing something new,” though.

    Maybe “invent a new pottery/clay tool” could be the next “contest,” and the winner would be assisted in patenting, manufacturing and marketing the tool!

  • filing this away for my winter workshop!! Thanks for all the great detail – and entertainment! 🙂

  • Lisa C.

    i just love the “murry”s of the world!! he seems like a smart, wonderful funny guy. i vote murry!

  • Oh Murry, you are a kick! Your off the wall comments made this video perfect. I believe you went to the hardware store that many times.
    Great hand made extruder. How much cheaper was it to make?

  • Christine W.

    This was a nice project but I was hoping someone would come up with a tool that doesn’t exsist. Is it really that much cheaper than buying one, concidering the time spent making the tool could have been time spent making pots?

  • Sylvia T.

    Where theres a will theres a way! Ingenious.
    I use my Dremel for filling a 3 by 9 inch gap on my tool shelf!

  • great info you made it look so easy I know i could build one
    I have not done pottery in years and I am just about to start again so i have been getting info and looking for equiptment

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