How to Make Ceramic Buttons to Embellish Wheel Thrown Pots

Kyla Toomey has come up with a super smart way to make ceramic buttons. She uses the buttons she makes to embellish her pots along with a variety of homemade texture tools, although they could easily be adapted for regular button purposes. By creating a simple press mold with readily available clay tools, Kyla makes it simple to crank out a bunch of clay buttons in one sitting. In fact, it’s so simple to make these ceramic buttons, she can do it while catching up on her favorite movies and shows. Genius.

In this excerpt from her video Uncommon Impressions: Making Your Mark with Handmade Tools, Kyla shares how to make ceramic buttons, and how to use them to embellish her ice cream bowls. I was surprised that you can put these bone-dry clay buttons right onto freshly thrown pots and not worry about them popping off. Who knew? And I love the pop of color the underglaze gives the finished bowls!

Have a look and then have fun thinking of ways to embellish your pots!  –Jennifer Poellot Harnetty, editor.

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Ceramic Buttons Made Easy

This clip was excerpted from Uncommon Impressions with Kyla Toomey, which is available in the Ceramic Arts Shop. 

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There is something really special about using a tool you made on your work. Even the simplest of tools made with your own hands make marks that are uniquely yours. Kyla Toomey found that making simple tools enabled her to create a distinctive body of work that is unmistakably hers. If you are interested in making pots that are unmistakably your own, Kyla’s video is packed with ideas and information to help you do that!

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