Quick Tip: Ayumi Horie’s 7 Steps to Packing Clay Objects

Ayumi Horie Makes Packing Clay Cups a Breeze with These 7 Steps!

Packing ceramic work safely for shipment is something every potter should learn to do. If you don’t take the time and care to pack your work well, the results could be disastrous! Ayumi Horie has perfected her packing techniques and put together this fun little video showing how she packs her cups. Check it out and see if it gives you some ideas! –Jennifer Poellot Harnetty, editor.

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To learn more about Ayumi Horie and see images of her work, please visit www.ayumihorie.com.

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**First published in 2018.
  • Lesley L.

    I worked as a packer for North American Van Lines for a few years and learned how to pack fragile items so well, the boss would come and sit on our China Cartons. (Those large, very strong boxes.) We used newsprint and made a…tube around the mugs, making sure the handles were well padded. Never, ever had any China, Pottery or fragile items break. Biggest trick is to make sure they don’t move.

  • Patrick H.

    Reference the ‘packing mugs’ video, how about NOT using using plastic for wrapping!! Try paper rope or card strip and glue.

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