Timo Fahler, Kansas City Art Institute: CM 2009 Undergraduate Showcase

Layered Archetype B, 17 in. (43 cm) in height, slip cast and thrown
porcelain, stoneware, black underglaze, fired to cone 10 in reduction.

Porcelain Archetype, 35 in. (89 cm) in height, slip cast, press molded porcelain, fired to cone 10 in reduction.

My recent work investigates the interplay between the interior architecture of an object and the exterior surface it projects. My intention is to create visceral sculptures that expose the elegance of their skin while revealing the complexity of their anatomy. Utilizing a variety of textures allows me to expose this interaction. The details of the surface, whether organic or geometric, complete the structure’s form. My choice of a subdued palette draws the immediate focus to the surface, while the stark contrast of shadow accentuates the elaborate interior.

The unpredictable forms that evolve within the landscape provide us with a blueprint of the earth’s evolution. Geology and the earth’s topography influence my methods, as well as my formal design.

Instructors: Cary Esser, Professor; George Timock, Professor; Tom Binger, Instructor and Technician




This was excerpted from Ceramics Monthly magazine’s “2009 Undergraduate Showcase” feature, which appeared in the September 2009 issue. To get great content like this delivered right to your door, subscribe today!



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