Open Studio Video: A Look Inside a Bogota, Colombia, Community Ceramic Studio

A ceramic artist at work in the Origen Studio in Bogata, Colombia.

A ceramic artist at work in the Origen Studio in Bogota, Colombia.

Today I wanted to send out a friendly reminder for our next video contest: the D.I.Y. Clay Tools contest. If you have “invented,” built, or repurposed a super cool tool for your work, the contest will give you a chance to share your ingenuity with the world. Plus, you could win a $500 Gift Card to! Get all the details here!


So, to get you in the contest mood, I thought I would share an honorable mention from our last contest, the Studio Tour Video Contest. This video takes us on a tour of Origen Studio in Bogota, Colombia.


We had a lot of fun with the last contest and we hope this one will be the same. So, enjoy today’s video, and then get filming! – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.


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  • This is a wonderful video except, of course, for the sound. This is such an inspiration. I think there should be more prizes because this effort deserves more than an honorable mention. How can we directly get in touch with this studio? I didn’t notice an e-mail address, but I may just not have been paying attention.

  • Very inspiring. As an elementary and middle school art teacher I can empathize with their mission and personal goals of learning more so they have more to offer. I would also be interested in contacting them directly. If that information could be shared I would greatly appreciate it. ¡Muchos buenos deseos a Estudio Origen!

  • This was a really good video!! Now I want to go there. I have visited two clay studios in Nicaragua, and realize how hard it is to get all the resources needed to support clay classes in latin america.

  • Loved this video. These gals are ingenious & industrious. I took note of the trellis like apparatus one woman was using to hold up her piece during construction. Great idea! As they say, necessity is the mother of invention.

  • Terrific video, very inspirational. Wish I would have seen this prior to my visit to Bogota; I hope I have the opportunity to go back, this will be on my agenda of places to visit.

  • Very inspiring,This was a really good video!!

  • a great video. I know the lack of recourses are a challenge, but a challenge you have met well. My favorite tools have been the ones I have designed myself from previously used stuff. Store bought tools are often too expensive, and not shaped right for what I need. you guys are doing a fantastic job keep up the great work.

  • Brilliant! I love the tenacious spirit of your creativity – making home-made tools – even down to hand spraying! Your process is truly very grass roots and inspirational! You girls are doing a fantastic job and I would love to visit one day and play in the clay together!

  • How can we donate extra tools and other Items to this School of Ceramics in Bogata? If I was well enough I would love to go there and hlp and participate with teaching children the art of “being one with the clay”. I will forward tis to my class instruictor at the College of Marin in Kentfield, Marin County California for others student to get involved with this project.

  • افضل ما في الموضوع الاصرار الذي نشاهده فيكم ….أتمنى لكم التوفيق..وأتمنى ان تسنح الفرصة لزيارتكم والتعرف عليكم عن قرب

  • The best in the subject determination that we see in you … I wish you luck .. I hope to have the opportunity to visit and to identify you close … Iraq

  • This is a really special video. These women have a wonderful vision; they are hard working, imaginative, industrious, down to earth, and are solution-oriented. Maybe the collection and shipping of tools to local groups such as this could be organized through the Empty Bowls network…?

  • Thank you for sharing the process of making your workshop! I love your spirit and determination, and I see there are beautiful works being made in your space. Congratulations!!

  • thanks for the video. Several comments were to contact the studio — email at end of video: It would be great to learn that several ongoing co-op studios have adopted them. Thanks for doing that.

  • That just shows how possible it is to set up a studio on a limited budget.
    Thanks for this encouragement! Very well timed for me.

  • These ladies do have the challenges we all have and that is how to create often from nothing! I admire the hard work and creativity.

  • This is a good video. I especially like the way that the tools were handmade. Ingeneous teaching is being done here.

  • Thank you for sharing the process of making your workshop

  • This video shows the good side of technology….the ability to share their wonderful studio with the world. I am very humbled by their efforts.

  • Excellent sharing of your studio. Best of luck to you. Your studio is lovely. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Indeed very inspiring. Keep up the good work.

  • hola me parece increible el estudio que tienen es muy bueno yo cuando vivi en colombia no conocia nada de ceramica o pottery solo cuando vine a vivir en south Africa aqui pottery es muy popular y es muy facil conseguir erramientas para trabajar yo me ofreceria a enviarles eramientas por correo mi email es
    me parece muy bueno tu estudio yo estou tratando de crear un estudio tambien well done!!!!!!!

  • Hola, me encanto el estudio de Artes y como le dieron la vida de exsistencia. ES extraordinario como inprovisan, para tener todo lo necesario para llegar al final de un projecto. Los felicito, y les deseo sigan adelante con su proposito de ensenar al los ninos para que aprendan conquistar la eficiensia de la vida. Inventando sus propios artefactos. Suerte y prosperidad.

  • Muy pilas, las felicito por la iniciativa no solamente de montar y adecuar el taller, sino también por compartir su experiencia con nosotros por medio de este video. Me alegra mucho, esta es una demostración de 100% talento Colombiano!

  • La proxima vez que visite a mi familia en Colombia espero poder conocer su estudio. Las felicito por esa gran labor de querer enseñar ceramica.

  • Your video was very helpful and enlighten. The tool idea is something that I have implemented into my daily life to save money.

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