Emerging Ceramic Artist to Watch: Shanna Fliegel, Tarrytown, New York

detail of History of
a Large Mammal

History of a Large Mammal,
28 in. (71 cm) in height,
earthenware, 2008.



The surrealistic nature of dreams and childhood memories motivate the manifestation of the drawn, sculpted and painted images of my forms. I am drawn to an aesthetic that is both visceral and detailed. I intend for image, color and clay to exist as a harmonious vehicle that can generate stories for the viewer.

By combining the parts of horses, rabbits, insects, birds and other various animals with human components, I attempt to shape characters within the fantasy worlds that once dictated our childhood thoughts. Absurdity and humor are themes that circulate throughout the situations I illustrate.

Beyond the bizarre, I also question the disposition of contemporary society’s relationship with animals, and I am interested in ideas that surround the human need to anthropomorphize them. Recently, I’ve become interested in the juxtaposition between society’s constructs of architectural forms among nature’s habitats.



This was excerpted from Ceramics Monthly magazine’s
“Emerging Artists 2009” feature, which appeared in the May 2009 issue.
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