Emerging Ceramic Artist to Watch: Raymond González, Gainesville, Florida

Collectible XIV (Sputnik), 6 in.
(15 cm) in height, earthenware,
glaze, luster, 19 light emitting
diodes, 2009.

Collectible XI, 18 in. (46 cm) in
length, earthenware, glaze,
flocking, rubber grommet, luster,
automotive urethane, 2008.

My art explores the overlap and interrelation between child play, adult play, desire and sensuality. Many of our toys were handed down from generation to generation. I strive to capture the appeal of those toys—Lincoln Logs, Legos and wooden blocks—that endured time and generations. In some way, my art is my play, and when I work, it is joyful and fun. At the same time, references to adult play intentionally inform the work. The adult audience is able to enjoy the work for its quality of design, suggested interactivity and references to sensuality.

While I reference the act of child play, the adult audience is also able to make associations with my work sensually as adult play. The distinction between the male parts and female parts is clear. The desire to touch the work also feeds this sensual desire to play as you caress the forms and fondle the nipple-like protrusions. The interaction between the parts and the ability to pop them into and out of each other is enjoyable. This interaction recalls many fields where male and female are pertinent to understanding, such as electrical or plumbing where the male part fits into the female part.

My work embodies a toy-like quality, and beckons visual interaction. While the physical is not allowed, desire to interact and visual interaction is certainly encouraged.



This was excerpted from Ceramics Monthly magazine’s
“Emerging Artists 2009” feature, which appeared in the May 2009 issue.
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