Emerging Ceramic Artists of 2010 Announced! Vote for Your Favorite!

The May 2010 issue of Ceramics Monthly is out the door and should be arriving in subscribers mailboxes any day now. So I thought now would be the perfect time to showcase the focus of that issue, the 2010 Emerging Artists, on Ceramic Arts Daily. This year, the editors of Ceramics Monthly chose seventeen promising artists who have been pursuing a career in ceramics for less than ten years to be featured in the magazine.

In addition to sharing this work on CAD, I thought I would bring back the People’s Choice award to give you all a chance to weigh in on your favorite emerging artist. So have a look at all of the great work below, click on the artist’s names to read more about their work, and then use the voting link at the bottom of the page to vote for your fave. The voting is open through Saturday, April 24 and I’ll announce the winner next Monday! – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.

This year, we received a record number of submissions to the Ceramics Monthly Emerging Artist competition. That seems to be a growing trend, because submissions have increased in number in each of the last three years.

As you might expect, most of the works included here are comprised entirely of ceramic materials, but there are a few that point to the fact that clay is increasingly being used in conjunction with many other media. Perhaps partly because of its ability to play so well with others, clay continues to be a material that fascinates the creative mind outside of the field of studio ceramics. The full breadth of possible ceramic applications are certainly not all represented on the following pages (interestingly, there were very few figurative works submitted this year) but we think you’ll agree that there is an incredible range of aesthetic and formal perspectives, regardless of technique.

There is no doubt that some of you will recognize some of the work presented here (after all, the criteria was pursuit of a career in ceramics for ten years or less), but it’s likely there is more that you haven’t seen. We are annually (and often more frequently) gratified to see the number of new studio artists entering the field, and we hope you see the promise they bring to the world of creative endeavors.—Eds.

Emerging Artists 2010

Daniel Bare

Hudsonville, Michigan

Mark Goudy

Berkeley, California


Jeff Campana

Louisville, Kentucky

David Hicks

Visalia, California


Bowie Croisant

Kansas City, Missouri

Martha Grover

Helena, Montana

Congratulations to Martha Grover, who was chosen as the Ceramics Monthly Emerging Artist 2010 People’s Choice Award by Ceramic Arts Daily readers!


Ryan Takaba

San Antonio, Texas

Nicholas Bivins

Red Lodge, Montana


Matthew McGovern

Cedar, Michigan

Sarah Gross

Lawrence, Kansas


Lauren Gallaspy

Athens, Georgia

Samuel Hoffman

Corvalis, Oregon

Jury Smith

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Adam Shiverdecker

Pensacola, Florida

Denny Gerwin

Logan, Utah

Katherine Taylor

Little Elm, Texas

Seth Green

Parchment, Michigan


This article appeared in Ceramics Monthly magazine’s May 2010 issue. To get great content like this delivered right to your door, subscribe today!

  • Ceramic Artist C.

    I loved Martha Grover’s work.

  • Roy J.

    All are great and wonderful work.

  • Mark Goudy

    Since we have to vote I chose Mark for his organic view of the soul of clay… mirror of his mind/heart.

  • Claudia R.

    what a beautifull work well done!!!!!!

  • Simone M.

    Não sei como alguém pode não se impressionar com trabalhos como estes que exigem criatividade e domínio da tecnica. Mas para se impressionar também é necessário que tenha conhecimento…PARABENS À TODOS e obrigado por partilhar.

  • Narciso V.


  • Eilat F.

    I wasn’t impressed. I don’t vote for anyone.

  • Muriel W.

    This is a wonderful idea and a very interesting issue. I wish you had provided a criteria prehaps to make choosing easier. Each one had its own excellence to make it the most outstanding. My choice, Mark Goudy, had more to do with the “Wow, how did he do that.” factor. Thank you for this opportunity for emerging artists.

  • I would also like to rank my choices because these works are amazing, but in the end, I chose the one that took my breath away the moment I turned the page. The explanations of how the artists are approaching their work and what inspires them were descriptive and captivating. I was sucked into the magazine like a good novel. Great issue! Now off to my studio with fresh thoughts and inspirations…

  • Ansie W.

    Amazing work … really inspiring for us in Namibia, Africa!

  • Gayle B.

    Working here in HCMC/Vietnam, (in reasonable isolation as a studio potter), it is wonderful to see the work of other ceramic artists from other parts of the world. It keeps me motivated to know such innovative work is being produced elsewhere with like-minded people.
    Ceramic Arts Daily is a much looked forward to “hit” for me. 2010 Emerging Artists competition – and the artists bio’s – is excellent.

  • Marianne M.

    One should be allowed at least two, if not three votes. Or ranks. Sigh… Beautiful work and so much of it so original and thought-provoking. Thank you for organizing this participatory event.

  • Penny O.

    A great and interesting display of ideas and processes; I am stumped and surprised at my choice of a favorite. Much to choose from – the simplistic beauty and creative process won me over.
    All wonderful work to be sure.

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