Angee Verzani-Dorcey, University of South Dakota: CM 2009 Undergraduate Showcase

3-Tier Cake, 15 in. (38 cm) in height, stoneware with slips and glaze, fired to cone 10, 2009.

Bread tray, 18 in. (46 cm) in length, stoneware with slips and glaze, fired to cone 10, 2009.

Conceptually, it is my intention to physically preserve a celebration, capture a moment, and honor the functional form. The works I create are artifacts that intuitively evoke cherished memories, rituals, and special occasions that we experience throughout life. I desire the journey of clay and possess a passion for functional ware and the qualities it offers; plasticity, durability, and longevity.

Initially, my interest was strictly in utilitarian forms, but I have grown to appreciate the appeal and messages conveyed by nontraditional forms. This approach has encouraged me to expand my interpretation of this art form through graceful transformations of the functional form. Many dualities arise in the work, which only enhance the aesthetic appeal and intrigue the viewer. The applications of thick slips create a surreal and extreme texture that I find enticing. Senses are stimulated by the delicious surface and the hazardous edges.

Instructor: Michael Hill, Artist-in-Residence


This was excerpted from Ceramics Monthly magazine’s
“2009 Undergraduate Showcase” feature, which appeared in the September 2009 issue.
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