Adam Welch, Emerging Artist 2011

Martha’s 12 and the Compliments, 74 in. (1.9 m) in width, bricks, wood, and paint, 2010.

The brick paintings turn performative labor into objects. These works reference bricked-up windows, a holdover from the British “Window Tax” of 1696, paired with the mostly defunct practice of painted advertisements. The brick paintings are combinations of these two practices illustrating a further existence with linguistic potential.


Running Shiners, 16 in. (41 cm) in width, bricks, mortar, and paint, 2010.

The paints are from the Martha Stewart Living collection, a symbol of culture, branding, and advertising. Stewart’s democratization of taste frees one from the trouble of having to establish ones own aesthetic standard. Martha’s six-symbol methodology allows anyone, regardless of age, education, ethnicity, gender, or sexual preference, to create “a harmonious scheme and beautiful transitions.” Martha’s 12 favorites, called Martha’s Picks, are a selection of “only the loveliest colors.” Stewart’s soft and equitable palette brings a hopefulness and calm to an otherwise desperate and rigid existence.


The 2011 Emerging Artists are featured in Ceramics Monthly magazine’s May 2011 issue.
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