Hidden Creek Pottery

Studio Artists: Marcia A. Dawson Studio Email Address: po77ermarcia@aim.com


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Studio address is 41 East Front St. on the Square, Milan, Ohio 44846 PO Box 46, Milan, Ohio 44846 Studio phone is 419-499-3505 Home phone is 419-499-4010


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We are located in the historic village of Milan, Ohio, the birthplace of Thomas A Edison, 15 minutes from Lake Erie and Cedar Point. Open Mon-Sat 11-5.

Although there are not many potters left in this area the Huron River running past our pottery was once an important resource for native americans due to the vast clay deposits. Many pottery artifacts have been discovered along the banks and the little town of Vermilion just north of us was named for the red color of the clay found there and used for brick making. Our store sits on the site of the old Moore Pottery that operated in the early to mid 1800’s.


I enjoying trying to create in clay the images that fill my imagination. Solving the problems of making those images work in the real world thrill me. I know what I want to make, but sometimes gravity works against me. There is usually a way around most issues, it is up to me to find it and that “eureka momemt” is what excites me and keeps me going.


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