Grateful Heart Studio

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Lafayette, Indiana
Studio visits may be arranged by calling in advance.


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Our small — but fully equipped — studio is a production site; we are currently selling through our local Farmer’s Markets, arts & crafts fairs, and some local businesses on a commission basis. Diane’s artistic focus is on custom, one-of-a-kind items that creative push clay to its limits, with a primary interest in thrown & altered art, sculpture and deeply detailed carving. Diane’s work ranges from small intricate flower decorations, to whimsical ‘granny-ware’ (fun pieces to develop new traditions between generations), to large scale sculptural wall art. She also enjoys exploring ‘engineered’ art, that combines multiple connected or related components. Rachel’s focus (as the mother of 6 children) is ‘all about function!’ She concentrates on the practical and innovative design of pieces, making them durable and beautiful as well, primarily through colors and textures. Diane and Rachel both describe themselves as ‘creative problem solvers.’ For both, part of the joy of working with clay is the range of possible solutions it offers to may daily challenges. Studio visits may be arranged by calling in advance.


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