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I travel and give workshops on Naked Raku, Mold Making for Potters. If you are a studio owner or private party interested in workshops please call me at 503 750 4676 or e-mail me at


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I am most interested in expressing, with clay, the beauty and diversity of the world around me. Art is a tool and a practice of Presence, a way to live life fully by exploring and becoming intimate with the “ordinary miracles” encountered each day. Clay is the muscle of the Earth. It is the most versatile material for the sculptor and potter and it is what people (and many mammals, birds and insects) have used to create shelter, tools, utensils, and images of spirit, magic and belief. Ceramic sculpture and pottery are the documents that describe the history of life. The clay tells us what our ancestors thought, how they prayed, what their rituals were, what and how they ate, the colors and designs they liked, what they looked like, and how they lived. The objects they made from clay also tell us what the earth was like in their time. I am honored to add my artistic records to the records of human expression. I derive my inspiration from Nature, and do pottery and ceramic sculpture to celebrate the earth and the plants and animals that share the earth. Through the careful use of Earth, Water, Fire and Air, I produce both utilitarian and decorative art work. My current focus is on a process I call Raku Batik wherein a bisque pot is covered with a resist slip and crackle glaze and then raku fired (fired to @1600 degrees F, removed red hot from the kiln and then reduced in a combustion chamber). The crackle glaze allows smoke to penetrate the clay creating a batik-like design. Larger smoked images of animals and plants are created using latex resist and colored areas are created using slips and underglazes applied to the greenware and then bisque fired onto the pottery. Clay is literally what grounds me. Pottery and Ceramic sculpture connect me to the life before me and keep me present. I call my work “Muditation.” Lewis Goldstein, MFA



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