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BIO: I graduated from Southern Ill University in 1967 with a MFA in ceramic. After a year teaching, in the city of Chicago, I came out to Denver and started “TWO POTTERS” in Littleton, Colorado. This time was spent doing production pottery. In 1973 I went to study and work making ceramics in France. During this time I was an apprentice and helped fabricated large clay sculptures along with exploring my own work. All these pieces were fired in large wood kilns that were the staple of this community of potters, La Borne France. Upon returning to Colorado, I lived and worked in Durango, making production pottery. After eight years I returned to Denver and started working at Santa Fe Pottery. I continued my production work but also continued exploration of one a kind sculptures.

Artist Statement: This new body of work is a continuation of work that I began to explore a year ago. The concept came from a production pieces that are called “Bud Vases with a Attitude” I have been making these for a number of years and just kept coming back to them as something that I should investigate on a larger scale. Also they are an out growth of the exploration of forms that have the appearance of a human form that I have been dealing with of many years of working in clay. Other influences come from the movie Fantasia.. I see these pieces in various arrangements that allow the viewer to create their own impression of what the relation ship is between the various objects. This interpersonal relationship is the heart of the pieces. The fun part is they go in so many different settings and are open to so many different impressions. After a period of time I continued to explored working with the extruder as a forming tool as way to discover new forms and expressions. After some trial and error, I began to create the “RUINS” that are reflective of time I spent in Utah. I then saw a need for a larger form to put the pictographs on. These then are thrown shapes that are then altered and the piece is then carved and painted with underglazes.


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