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Published Sep 24, 2021

CMC gum is a ceramic glaze additive that can be used to help improve brushability in glazes that are mixed for dipping. Not only can CMC gum help improve brushability, but it can also help potters get better results when stamping glazes. Stamping glazes is a super fun way to create pattern on your work because the stamped marks are much more active than say, underglaze. But without adding CMC gum, glazes formulated for dipping don’t always stamp very well.

In today’s post, an excerpt from her video Mix & Match: Surface Techniques (a follow up to Mix & Match: Forming Techniques), Brenda Quinn explains how to add CMC powder to glazes to get great stamped surface effects. –Jennifer Poellot Harnetty, editor

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Learn how Brenda makes custom stamps and uses them in layers along with other great ceramic decorating techniques in her video Mix & Match: Surface Techniques!

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