Pencil & Process in Motion with Jared Zehmer

In this video, Pencil & Process In Motion, Jared Zehmer provides the exercises you need to sharpen your skills and then move on to put your personal touch into your work! You’ll see how to make several different jars, lids, and lid seats so you can find the right one for whatever project you decide to make. You’ll also pick up three different techniques for making pitcher spouts, plus learn to throw a teapot spout! And you’ll learn the various ways handles and knobs can be made, from pulling handles off the pot to throwing hollow knobs.

Runtime: Approximately 1 hour, 50 minutes

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Chapter 1: Jars with Inset Lids
Chapter 2: Jars with Overhanging Lids
Chapter 3: Throwing a Pitcher with a Traditional Spout
Chapter 4: Throwing Slabs for Spouts
Chapter 5: Drop-in Lidded Casseroles
Chapter 6: Casserole with an Overhanging Lid
Chapter 7: Attaching Slab Handles to a Casserole
Chapter 8: Pulling Lug Handles off the Pot
Chapter 9: Pulling Handles off the Mug
Chapter 10: Pulling and Attaching Handles

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Jared Zehmer

About the Artist

Jared Zehmer’s ceramics education began at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, where he earned a bachelor of fine arts in ceramics. After graduation, seeking to continue his education in clay, he moved to the traditional pottery town of Seagrove, North Carolina, where he works as a journeyman potter, turning wares on a production level for several local pottery shops, while developing his own work in his home studio. He also teaches classes and workshops, and enjoys kiln repurposing. Jared’s writings can be found in Pottery Making Illustrated and Ceramics Monthly.


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