Playing with Form & Decoration with S.C. Rolf – Part 1 Cups & Bowls

In this video, S.C. (Steven) Rolf shares his secrets to staying fresh and motivated in the studio by continually playing with form and decoration. After going through some warm up exercises exploring decorative elements with cups, Steven switches to bowls and creates different bowl forms including his signature rolled rim bowl. With each new form, he experiments with various surface decoration techniques that will inspire you to experiment in your own studio.

Runtime: Approximately 1 hour, 50 minutes

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Chapter 1 – Cups
Chapter 2 – Open Bowl
Chapter 3 – Closed Bowl
Chapter 4 – Straight Sided Bowl
Chapter 5 – Rolled Rim Bowl
Chapter 6 – Trimming
Chapter 7 – Decoration Slip
Chapter 8 – Decoration Inlay
Chapter 9 – Decoration Carving

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About the Artist

S.C. Rolf lives and works as a studio potter in River Falls, Wisconsin, creating one-of-a-kind functional pots. He holds an MFA from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University in Alfred, New York, a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute, and a BS in Broad Area Arts from the University of Wisconsin, at River Falls. S. C. Rolf exhibits his work throughout the United States and has received a number of national awards. He also lectures and teaches workshops throughout the country. His work resides in noted private, national, and international museum collections, as well as numerous kitchen cupboards. To learn more and see more images of his work, please visit

  • Taylor C.

    Thank you for this video. I love your slow methodical way of throwing and love the thought of sketches. I think I fear alot in use getting the shape of something without much thought after to details. your video is encouraging to make sketches and try things. thanks you SC Roth!

  • Thank you S.C. Rolf! Excellent instructional video! I recently had major spinal surgery in my neck and I’m in a long healing period but, this kind of instruction is exactly what I need for inspiration for when I am able to get back at the wheel! I thank all of you here at Ceramic Arts Network! -Paul Nicholas 🙏🏻✌🏻🤙🏻 My Instagram – @mtpleasantpottery

  • Margaret F.

    The voice was over ridden by his voice, and i could not understand him. Then the music came on very loud. the video was spoilt for me.

  • Denise H.

    One of the BEST instructional videos I’ve watched in a long time. (I watch pottery videos almost everyday). I will be doing the tap on center exercise. I was just trying to do this last night and could not. Really enjoyed the calm, instructions. Your results are beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  • Elizabeth H.

    Very fine video! Wonderful ideas and skills for creating movement in pots. I’m already thinking about how this will influence the next series of pots. Thanks, Liz

  • Shawna P.

    Thanks for sharing…I am in the process of adding another 10ft. to my clay studio. The problem I am faced with is that I want a painting area and a ceramics area. So I was thinking about adding a curtain in a track that I can pull across the studio to keep the clay dust from moving to the painting area. Any ideas or comments as to this idea would be helpful. Email me @

  • Sharyn M.

    Thanks for the tour! I’m in the design stages of having a home studio and the more studios I can see, the better prepared I will be for putting it all together. Seeing what other artists consider important to them as well as hearing the downsides to their studio setup helps me to see what might be helpful in my studio.

  • Robert C.

    Thank you for the wonderful tour of your studio. Loved your thoughts of committing time every day in the studio even if its for a few minutes.

  • Helen L.

    So interesting! His thoughts about visiting your studio every day, even when you can’t stop to work at that time, is sound. I can see how it would make working there more organic and less daunting. Great tip!

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