Talking Clay 4: Julia Galloway

In this edition of our original series, Talking Clay, host Simon Levin sits down with artist and educator Julia Galloway. They chat about pots, critiques, and the ways in which the two have changed in the age of social media. This episode is extra unique in that it was shot exclusively in the iconic Artstream Nomadic Gallery! Enjoy!

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  • Reader L.

    Love Julia, and when she says she has a certian am

    “I have some clout, I should use it”…YES and YES Julia. And please stop saying you’re old. OK then…

  • Corinne D.

    I love the content, very interesting. But,I agree that the sound was not very clear, the music was too loud and the voices too soft. I did watch on a smart tv.

  • Simone A.

    I could listen to Julia talk about pottery and the history of pots for ever. I love that she doesn’t beat around the bush and feel the need to be “lofty” in her criticism of a pot. Julia is a Rock Star in my books..

  • Louise B.

    Content is wonderful,…but please, please add closed captions! Sean,you don’t speak crisply & you “swallow” parts of words & phrases etc.! The Artist you’re interviewing speaks very softly too & “fades in & out volume-wise! Why hasn’t whoever was in charge of the camera, not pointed this out & given you microphones! It would really have helped! The sound is terrible!

    • Jennifer H.


      I’m sorry you had trouble hearing the interview. Simon and Julia were both miked and the sound seems fine to us. Are you sure there isn’t a problem with the sound on your machine?

      We have looked into closed captioning, but at this point it is cost-prohibitive, unfortunately. But we have not ruled it out for the future.


  • Chris G.

    Interesting. Wish it was longer & more emphasis on technical such as what makes for a technically sound teapot.

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