Slab Building with Handmade Texture with Sarah Pike

If you love the act of stamping texture into soft clay, this video is for you! Sarah Pike shares her techniques for creating beautiful slab built vessels with unique custom textures and designs. Not only does Sarah reveal her streamlined slab building techniques, but she also shares how to make the texture tools she uses to create one-of-a-kind designs.

Runtime: 1 hour, 50 minutes

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Chapter 1 – Getting Started with Texture
Chapter 2 – Making a Texture Roller
Chapter 3 – Slab-built Mugs
Chapter 4 – Flared Belly-Bottomed Mug
Chapter 5 – Cream and Sugar

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Sarah Pike

About the Artist

Sarah Pike is a full time potter living and making pots in Fernie, British Columbia, Canada. She makes functional slab-built pottery in her home studio on a an acre of land on the edge of a little ski town. She majored in ceramics at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She then studied at Colorado University in Boulder, and went on to do graduate studies at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. Along the way, she started a family, lived in a barn, and helped run her husband’s family ranch. Currently, Sarah lives in a renovated old mining house with her husband, two kids, and a dog named Lily. Sarah Pike’s pottery is inspired by many things, including the landscape around her home, the rich history of ceramics, but also by antique tinware, textured metal, and old things you might find in barns.

  • Jeanne H.

    Thanks for all those wonderful techniques. I very much enjoy handbuilding and will experiment with your ideas. Thanks for sharing.

    • Nancy M.

      Awesome work! Just wish that the measurements of the pieces to cut slab were given in the bonus or galleries! Thanks!

  • Lynn F.

    I find it so frustrating that half the time the videoes won’t run….what am I paying for?

    • Ash N.

      Hi Lynn, it sounds like you’re having issues with your account. Please contact, along with answers to the following questions: What device are you using to watch CLAYflicks? What web browser are you using? Can you provide screenshots of your issues? Are you logged into the site? Are you clicking on the “play all” video players? Thanks, CAN Staff

  • Barbaralouise B.

    Amazing video. Somehow Sarah manages to blend precision and spontaneity in her work. Thank you so much for sharing so much with the world.

  • Rebecca L.

    Hi! I bought a membership to this community based on Sarah’s teaser video. I’ve made my own texture rollers but I’ve had difficulty with glazes obscuring my raised texture. I’m sure her glazes are her own and I’m not looking for the exact glazes but just tips for finding the right glaze to enhance my texture. Should I be looking for matte glazes? Loved Sarah’s technique and add me to the brayer love.

  • Kathleen M.

    Sarah, your mastery of your process is so apparent. You make it look so simple, yet it is clear that there have been many iterations and your work continues to evolve. Thank you for providing clarification about the purpose of each process. I find your pottery to be quite engaging (particularly the trees). Good luck with your practice.

  • Leonie C.

    I so liked this session …Sarah your little detailing makes all the difference to a base, knob, and overall look of a piece. thank you

    • Hi Terrie, we are hearing sound on all chapters. Please make sure the volume on the video and your device is on and not on “mute.” If you continue to experience sound issues, please contact “” and let them know which video you’re experiencing sound problems on, along with the type of device you’re using, the browser you’re using, and if possible, please provide screenshots of what you’re seeing. Thanks! -CAN Staff

    • Hi Susan, Sarah did not send us her recipes, so there is no recipe bonus PDF for this title. -CAN Staff

  • Connie P.

    Beautiful video…So happy you decided to share all your secrets with the world. You are so sincere. Thank you. The WORLD is lucky to have you. Your pottery mom…..Connie Pike

  • Maggie A.

    Such lovely work. In the interview I found myself nodding throughout and recognizing myself in your story. So grateful for your transparency, your honesty about the darker side of becoming a parent and how it affects our dreams. Carry on!

  • Kimberli C.

    Love how authentic and open you allowed yourself to be. Because I’m also a potter, I feel every story and word as if they are mine, too. You are a beautiful person!!! Thanks for sharing your life and love of clay. Kimberli

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