Setting Up Your Studio for Success with Deb Schwartzkopf

How do you turn your passion into a successful business? In this video series, Deb Schwartzkopf candidly shares the secrets of building her successful business from the ground up and provides practical tips for efficiency and productivity. In the interview portion of the video, Building A Studio Business, Deb covers everything from defining wants and needs, to using crowd funding to help finance, to online organizational tools to help keep everything running smoothly. In part two, Deb does a walk through of her studio, discussing how everything is set up for efficiency, including how-to demonstrations of the systems she developed to help manage waste clay and glaze, her space-saving bat system, and more!

Runtime: approximately 1 hour, 32 minutes

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Part 1: Building a Studio Business Interview

Part 2: Studio Tour and Demos
Chapter 1 – The Main Community Space
Chapter 2 – The Kiln Yard
Chapter 3 – Glaze Mixing Area
Chapter 4 – Studio Management & Deb’s Work Space
Chapter 5 – Making a Plaster Reclaim Trough
Chapter 6 – Paver Tile Reclaim System
Chapter 7 – Space Saving Bat System
Chapter 9 – How to Pack Pots for Safe Shipment

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About the Artist

Deb Schwartzkopf was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, and earned a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Alaska in 2002. She worked for studio potters in the Anchorage area, which gave her a strong foundation to spring from. Deb focused on glazes for a year of independent study at San Diego State University; after which she completed a Masters of Fine Arts at Penn State University in 2005. She went on to teach at institutions such as: Ohio University, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, University of Washington, and University of Georgia’s study abroad program in Cortona, Italy. Deb has worked nationally and internationally at places such as the Archie Bray Foundation (MT), Mudflat Studios (MA), The Clay Studio (PA), Pottery Northwest (WA), Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts (ME), Sanbao in Jingdezhen, China, and the Residency for Ceramics-Berlin, Germany. Since 2002, Deb has taught over eighty workshops and exhibited work locally and abroad. She moved back to Seattle in 2009 and bought a house/studio in 2013. Since then Deb has created a beautiful, communal pottery studio where she instructs community clay classes and workshops. Deb, studio assistants, and people participating in classes all work in clay there. Together, they keep the wheels turning! Deb is the author of Creative Pottery: Innovative Techniques and Experimental Designs in Thrown and Handbuilt Ceramics, which is due out in May of 2020. See her other video Pieces & Patterns: Complex Forms from Handbuilt and Wheel-thrown Parts on CLAYflicks!

  • Cheryl K.

    Thank you for sharing!! I just happen to be in the beginning stages of building a new studio so the timing couldn’t be better!!

  • Tassos R.

    Wonderful professional lady. I love her work and her organisation of her studio. Very sincere and willing to share. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and knowledge Bravo well done.

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