Variations on Volume & Line with Doug Peltzman

In this video, Doug Peltzman demonstrates and discusses how he plays with volume and line to create unique pots with active, engaging surfaces. Doug’s process is all about curiosity. By allowing himself to experiment with forms and surfaces, his work can continually evolve.

Runtime: Approximately 2 hours, 40 minutes

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Part 1
Chapter 1 – Making Mugs
Chapter 2 – Trimming Mugs
Chapter 3 – Mug Handles
Chapter 4 – Making Yunomis
Chapter 5 – Trimming Yunomis

Part 2
Chapter 6 – Inlay Decoration
Chapter 7 – Glazing

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Doug Peltzman

About the Artist

Doug Peltzman is a studio potter living and working in Shokan, New York. He makes one-of-a-kind handmade porcelain and earthenware pottery for the kitchen and home. Doug’s pieces incorporate a wide variety of influence, which take the form of highly crafted functional and decorative objects. He has had the honor of being both a juror and curator of national exhibitions. Doug has taught workshops at many art centers and universities across the U.S, including Arrowmont, Peters Valley, Goggleworks, Davis & Elkins College, UNT, SUNY New Paltz, The Clay Studio, and The Art School at Old Church. Doug is also a founding member of Objective Clay. His pottery has been featured in many publications and can be found in homes and kitchens across the country. Visit Doug’s website to learn more about his work

  • Dale Ann K.

    Doug, I love watching you throw. Your explanations are so clear and helpful. I would love to know what kind of sponge you are using. I also throw with a sponge but yours looks like the the perfect sponge. I also throw standing and cannot imagine going back to sitting.

  • Linda D.

    I’ve admired and celebrated Doug’s work for a long time and have used it to demonstrate techniques for my students. this video was excellent in every way. I felt that so much of the process and its intricacies and quirks were raised. thanks so much for this and yay that i decided to join ICAN. Linda in Australia

  • Ellen M.

    Hi , I am watching Doug Peltzman and it stops and buffers every 30 seconds . It is hard to keep track of his comments when it stops so often . Is there something I can do on my end to stop this ? It has not happened on other flicks – Regards, Ellen

    • Ash N.

      Hi Ellen, have you tried clearing your cache and/or checking your internet connection? We are unable to reproduce this buffering problem in the office. If you continue to experience issues with CLAYflicks, please contact along with answers to the following questions: What device are you using to view CLAYflicks videos? Are you logged into the site? What web browser are you using? Have you tried clearing your cache? Thanks, CAN Staff.

  • Margaret F.

    This is one video that I will watch over and over,his explanations are just so clear. A pity he is not in Australia

  • Watching you throw made this slab builder remember how delightful throwing is! It was a fun day in the studio. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Reader L.

    Love what I read about Doug Peltzman . I ONLY see Black & white and other grays. Due tp my visual disability.. love his work. It encourages me to embrace my visual cue .hopefully I will become a better ceramic artist…

    • Hi Ellen, make sure the sound on the video and your computer is turned on first. There is a mute/unmute button on the right side of the video player. It is the third button from the left. If you are still experiencing sound issues, please contact for assistance. To better serve you, include the URL for this video, what device and browser you are using, and screenshots of the page. -CAN Staff

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