Talking Clay Field Trip with Michelle Ettrick

On October 5, 2020, we visited with Michelle Ettrick at her home in Tyrone, Pennsylvania, for our fifth LIVE episode of Talking Clay. Above is the recording of this Talking Clay Field Trip for those of you who missed it! The full video will be available outside the pay wall through October 20, 2020!

Click here to view a PDF of resources for all the helpful links mentioned in this webinar!

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  • Judith M.

    Awesome Inspiration! I love earthenware and really want to return to it, currently trapped with the studio regulations – no low fire 🙁 Finally have my own wheel, dreaming of a kiln. Thanks so much for sharing your work and life. Keep creating…….waiting for new items on your Etsy store 🙂

  • Kathleen M.

    Michelle, you are a breath of fresh air. Bravo to Ceramic Arts Network for continuing to provide an intimate understanding of this artist’s process and context. I enjoyed the video very much.

  • Reader L.

    Loved your presentation. Your work reminds me of my own experiences growing up in project housing and going to public school in NYC. You are an inspiration to us all.

  • Susan M.

    Thank you, Michelle, for your demonstration. I watched after the initial presentation, and hadn’t thought of firing again after the line work but before the clear. The line work does degrade sometimes because I don’t. Now I know how to hopefully fix that for sharper lines. I like your drawing and the relevancy of your subject matter.

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