Talking Clay Field Trip to Carole Epp’s Studio

On May 15, 2020, we visited the studio of Carole Epp for our second LIVE episode of Talking Clay. Here’s the recording for those of you who missed it! Enjoy!

Click here to view a PDF of this webinar’s chat transcript!

Carole uses P300 white mid-range porcelaneous stoneware from Plainsman Clays.
Carole bisques to cone 04 with a 10-minute soak at top temperature.
Carole glazes to cone 6 in an electric kiln with a 10-minute soak at top temperature.

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  • Judith M.

    Thanks Carol. Nice to see another Canuck featured here on the clayflicks! I am in BC (Kelowna) and would love to see more Canadian potters featured here. The demo was great and I intend to try your method, also the reclaim of the underglaze is an eyeopener. Costs are always relevant. Keep making pots Eh 🙂

  • Olga V.

    Awesome! I want to watch a second part on Carole home and how is the process of painting.

  • Jack W.

    I would love to see the continuation. Visiting Ben Behunin’s studio in Salt lake City Utah would be interesting.

  • Carolynn B.

    I want to echo everything that Elaine said; as well, I was SO glad that Carole shows concern for the environment by talking about how she recycles the underglaze, not washing a lot of refined ceramic material with heavy metal down the drain. Nice presentation!

  • Nancy S.

    That was really great. I would definitely like to see how she applies the underglaze on the bisqueware. Thank you for doing this. Can’t wait to see more

  • Jan H.

    Yes. I would also love to see Part 2-Coloring with Carole Epp. Please and thank you.

  • Elaine H.

    Great to see/ hear Carole live! Have only known of her work through Facebook and Musings About Mud, where she is very generous and honest about her own work while being so enthusiastic and encouraging about other artists. I love how she is very relaxed about her less than ideal studio space and honest about what informs her work. Thanks very much for this- I’m in Scotland by the way, so I totally appreciate and support the idea of the clay community!

  • Rosa D.

    Great Webminar! Would love to see Renee LoPresti talk about her work and process.

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