Screen Printing on Clay with Paul Andrew Wandless

There’s nothing more inviting than a blank ceramic surface, and what better place to explore decorating opportunities? Paul Andrew Wandless is a printmaker and a ceramic artist who has explored the potential of combining these two media. In this exceptionally descriptive DVD, he demonstrates how to transfer images onto the clay surface. You’ll learn how to create screens and stencils, prepare ceramic “inks” and print on clay to gain a complete understanding of the process. As a skilled ceramic artist, printmaker and educator, Paul has presented this information in countless workshops throughout the U.S. and provides the most detailed look at printing on clay found anywhere. And best of all, there’s no particular studio requirement or expensive special equipment, just some readily accessible and easy to use materials will get you started in producing simple to complex images on your work.


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Paul Andrew Wandless

About the Artist

Paul Andrew Wandless is a studio artist, author, and educator who regularly gives workshops and lectures regarding his art, techniques, and research around the US and Canada. He has taught at several universities and art centers since 1999, and maintains a studio in Chicago. He is the author of Image Transfer on Clay and his articles have been published in Pottery Making Illustrated. Visit for more information and to view more images of his work.


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