New Directions in China Painting with Paul Lewing

China paint — fired at the lowest end of the ceramic firing range — offers potters the chance to get consistent, durable and predictable color in their decoration. Any effect you can get from paint or ink, you can achieve with china paint. It is the one place where the world of paint interacts with the world of fired clay. Paul Lewing, trained as both a studio potter and a painter, brings more than 40 years of expertise to this inspiring and informative DVD. You’ll learn the basics of the technique and move through various exercises to develop skills and confidence.

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Paul Lewing

About the Artist

Paul Lewing has been an artist all his life, and has worked with clay and glazes since 1965. In 1972, after earning both a BFA and an MFA, Paul moved to Seattle and has been working as a professional clay artist there ever since. He is well known for his painterly style of glazing and for the wide diversity of imagery, styles, and techniques he employs in his tile art. He is the author of China Paint and Overglaze (American Ceramic Society, 2007) and teaches workshops on china painting, glaze chemistry, and ceramic tile art.


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