Low-Tech Clay – High-End Results with Kari Radasch

In this installment of the Ceramic Arts Daily Presents video series, Kari Radasch demonstrates her low-tech approach to making colorful, functional pots. A busy mom of two small children, Kari has streamlined her processes to make the most of her studio time and she shares all of her secrets here. She starts off with a number of techniques for making simple hump molds out of clay and moves on to plaster for larger forms. Once the molds are made, she demonstrates six different ways they can be used to make delightful dishes. Kari also shares her decorating techniques, including sgraffito, colored terra sigillata, underglaze wash, and glazing processes.

Runtime: Approximately 3 hours, 9 minutes

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Chapter 1 – Making Molds
Chapter 2 – Press & Sprig Molds
Chapter 3 – Projects
Chapter 4 – Oval Bowl
Chapter 5 – Olive Boat
Chapter 6 – Decoration
Chapter 7 – Visual Aids

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Kari Radasch

About the Artist

Kari Radasch was born and raised in coastal Maine. She received her BFA from the Maine College of Art (MECA) in Portland, Maine, and her MFA from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. She was an Emerging Artist at the 2004 National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) conference and was the first potter awarded the Evelyn Shapiro Fellowship at The Clay Studio in Philadelphia. Kari has taught workshops at art centers and universities around the country and currently teaches at MECA. She lives and pots in Portland with her husband Ian Anderson, daughter Ruby May, son Heilo Blue, and dog Max. To learn more about Kari, please visit

  • Katrien V.

    Hi, very good video, thanks a lot 🙂
    Did I understand well, that the firing is on Cone 3 ?
    If you colour the Terra Sigillata with a stain that is stable till cone 6, can you fire till Cone 6.
    Question 2 : what is Zircopack ? Zirconium ?Where can I buy it ?!
    Question 3 : OM4 Ball Clay , is it a special reference of Ball Clay ? Or will the ‘normal’ ball clay do the same thing ?
    Thanks a lot, Katrien

    • Hi Maria, unfortunately, at this time we do not have that functionality (but it is a great suggestion!). Might we suggest you create a bookmark with your browser to take you right to this page as a short-term solution. -CAN Staff

  • Suzyyne F.

    Kari! I loved your 1st video about mold making. You gave so much helpful information about plaster molds. Thank you so much for the detailed explanations!

  • suzanne p.

    Very helpful videos! Just wondering if glaze temp needs to be 03, my underglaze colors tend to fire out hotter than 05 or 06?

  • Joeleen D.

    Please help! I need to know what your browser and PC settings and requirements are to view the Clay Flicks videos. I can see them on a Android tablet but not on my laptop PC.
    Please help!
    Thanks, Joeleen Dodge

    • Ash N.

      Hi Joeleen, you can view CLAYflicks on your phone, tablet, and computer by logging into Ceramic Arts Network in the upper right hand corner of the site. For more assistance, please email “” any time. – CAN Staff

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