Layering Techniques for Sumptuous Surfaces with Colleen Riley

Have you ever opened a bisque kiln and felt completely overwhelmed by the entire load of blank pots? Are you tired of the dip-and-done approach to glazing? Do you wish you could create surfaces with more depth? If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, Colleen Riley’s video Layering Techniques for Sumptuous Surfaces is just what you need. This video is all about surface! Colleen shares numerous techniques for creating layered imagery from the greenware stage through glazing and firing.

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Colleen Riley

About the Artist

Colleen Riley has been making pots for 25 years, and making pots full-time since 2005. She began her studies at the Northern Clay Center, and has continued her education by working closely with several area potters and attending workshops. She participates in in regional art fairs, tours, and exhibitions, and her work is in the shops of the Northern Clay Center (MN) and Lark & Key Gallery (NC). She currently teaches at the Minnetonka Art Center, and is founder and past president of Minnesota Women Ceramic Artists (MNWCA). To learn more about Colleen Riley and see more images of her work, please visit

  • Wendy F.

    What does WTH stand for when listing engobes and glazes. Do you have a ^6 oxidation engobe recipe? Thanks! Wendy

  • Angie R.

    I have subscribed to Clay flicks, but all the videos are shorts. Where are the full length videos?

    • Hi Angie, when logged in, you can view the full length videos (separated into chapters) by scrolling down to the video section. For example, on Colleen Riley’s video, the videos start under the short description. They are labeled “Introduction, Chapter 1, Chapter 2…etc.” If you need further assistance, please contact and tell them 1. what device you’re using and browser, 2. what account you’re logged into, 3. specifically which video you’re trying to watch, 4. provide screenshots of what you’re seeing.

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