Layered Surfaces with Erin Furimsky

When you look at pots in magazines, online, or at shows, you know it’s the pieces with interesting layered surfaces that catch your attention. After all the work we do in learning how to form pieces by hand or on the wheel, we often skip spending time on decorating — and that makes all the difference in the world. Using a variety of techniques and materials, Erin demonstrates how you can create visual depth to your surfaces. She works with clay at every stage from leather-hard to glazed using a variety of techniques. After you watch her demonstrate, you’ll be able to take something as simple as a circle and create different surfaces — something crisp, something detailed, something with relief — all used together to create a surface that will turn people’s heads.

Runtime: Approximately 2 hours, 38 minutes

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Chapter 1 – Underglazes and Paper Stencils
Chapter 2 – Rubber Stamping & Shellac Resists
Chapter 3 – Slip Trailed Underglaze Layers & Mishima
Chapter 4 – Paper Stencils, Photo Copy Printing, & Underglaze Inlays
Chapter 5 – Paper Stencils, Underglazes, & Slip Trailing
Chapter 6 – Stamping Underglazes & Sgraffito
Chapter 7 – Spraying Glazes
Chapter 8 – Post Firing: Luster
Chapter 9 – Post Firing: Decals

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Erin Furimsky

About the Artist

Erin Furimsky is a studio artist in Normal, Illinois, whose work focuses on the relationship of sculptural form with highly ornamented surfaces. She holds a BFA from The Pennsylvania State University (1997) and an MFA from The Ohio State University (2002). Her work is exhibited nationally and internationally. In 2006, she was selected as an emerging artist by the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts. She has participated in numerous artist residencies, presented at national workshops, as well as serving as a visiting professor at Illinois State University and Heartland Community College. To learn more and see more images of Erin’s work, visit

  • Signy P.

    I love this video and artist,her work is beautiful, I would like to know if someone knows what can I use instead of gillespie borate, and is not borax?

  • Susan S.

    I’ve been using underglazes, stencils, mishima with mixed results. what I learned from this video will bring me to what I hope is the next level of success. Do you hand cut all your stencils or have you used one of the die cutting machines that scrapbookers use? If hand cut, I saw how you folded and cut paper, but do you also use an exacto knife? I can’t wait to get back into the studio and apply all I learned THANK YOU!!!!!

  • Amazing videos, I have learnt so much, already my work is transforming with all this new knowledge. Thank you!

  • This is the most inspiring and informative video I have ever seen.Thank you for sharing your knowledge I am Just starting out in pottery and found it hard to find information that I could understand and put into practice as far as decorations I could use.So once again thank you.

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