Ceramic Decals with Justin Rothshank

Decals are a great way to spice up your surface decorations. Used for centuries, decals provide a simple way add complex decorative images, patterns and text repeatedly to a ceramic surface. But if you’re thinking that we’re talking about adding roses, angels, or cute little animals to your pots, think again. Justin Rothshank is one of several New Age potters who have taken decalcomania into the 21st century. Justin draws on his extensive experimentation with decals to explain the ins and outs of using them to decorate ceramic art. Over the years, he has pushed the limits of this medium, trying any technique he could think of in search of fresh and interesting results. From applying iron oxide laser decals to leather-hard work and using them in a soda firing, to layering them with commercial decals, Justin shares a wide range of techniques and effects.

The publisher advises readers that certain decal applications onto ceramic surfaces may be subject to Patent No. US 7,622,237 B2.

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Justin Rothshank

About the Artist

Prior to moving back to his hometown of Goshen, Indiana, in 2009, to become a full-time studio potter, Justin Rothshank co-founded the Union Project, a nonprofit arts organization located in Pittsburgh, PA. Justin’s ceramic work has been exhibited and published nationally and internationally, including articles in Ceramics Monthly, American Craft and Studio Potter. Justin was presented with an Award of Excellence by the American Craft Council in February 2009, and in 2007, he was recognized by Ceramics Monthly as an Emerging Artist. He has also been a presenter, panelist, visiting artist, and artist-in-residence at numerous universities, schools, conferences, and art centers throughout the United States and abroad. To learn more about Justin, please visit

  • Linda D.

    Can a flashing slip be sprayed over the decal for a soda firing? If so, will the image be distorted?

  • Toner question: will cheaper substitute toners work? Can’t find msdf sheets for most substitutes. Thanks.

  • Enjoyed every bit of this DVD. Thank you again for everything I am learning about ceramics .I thought I was too old to learn but you have proved me wrong .A H from England.

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