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Ceramics Monthly is your window to the world of studio ceramics. Launched in 1953, it is largest-circulated and most comprehensive publication dedicated to sharing ideas, discoveries, and information within the ceramic arts field. 

Readers are motivated to constantly refine their artwork, expand their skill set, build their careers, and connect with other creative people.

Ceramics Monthly addresses these broad interests and needs holistically, with first-person stories of studio life, and with coverage of work and ceramic techniques by a diverse range of contemporary artists. 

Our readers strive to learn from the seasoned artists we cover in our pages. Ceramics Monthly readers are drawn to stories and information that spark creativity, and they search out creative tips and studio hacks for saving time and money. They turn our pages to be informed, connected and inspired.

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Like you, Ceramics Monthly’s readers (and editors!) are actively engaged in producing handmade functional pottery, sculpture, and tile. The artists featured in the magazine are innovators, teachers, entrepreneurs, and studio owners. Every month, you’ll benefit from the skill, artistry, wisdom, and experience of this impressive collective of ceramic arts experts.

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  • Conversations with artists on sparking creativity, overcoming challenges, helping others, running a business, and having fun in the studio
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